VirtualHub Net - VH-NET.COM - Charts, Weather, Active ATC, more to come!

What is VirtualHub Net?
VirtualHub Net is a website which offers you information such as charts, gates, runways, weather info, active ATC and more soon to come.

How much does it cost?
This website is free to use for anyone forever!

What new features are coming soon?
We are currently working on something which (we think) would make IF events, easier to make, easier to join and easier to manage. More news will come out on this at a later date so stay tuned!

Have any issues with the site?
If you happen to encounter any issues with the website, go ahead and reply to this thread.

Have any ideas?
If you have any ideas or any feedback on things we could improve or add to the website do not hesitate to PM me or put them down in the replies.

Where can I access it?
The website can be found at

Who helped develop this?



Airport main page

Weather view

Chart view

Gate view

Active ATC view


WOW amazing!


Great website!


looks amazing


This is incredible! I’ll certainly be using this for all of my flights!


Wow! That website is amazing! It has everything you could possibly need. It will be incredible when events are added to the airport page!

We will put out more information about that feature soon!


Cool! I have been wanting for this. I want to suggest for the upcoming feature, there is a taxiing duration from gate Xx to runway XX R / L how many minutes it takes (for standard GS)


Wow, thanks so much for this resource

This looks amazingly awesome mate!

What should I do if this happenes

Press one of the items in the list (eg. “TAKEOFF MINIMUMS”) and you should be able to then open the chart by pressing a button underneath. Like this;


The website is not necessary intended for mobile use, the best experience is on a desktop. But for mobile use I’d recommend using the VirtualHub app.
I see you’ve got an iPhone so;

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I just installed it…how do I get it to connect to IF… Does it function same way as IF assistant. Do I need to tweak a setting for IF to recognize it on my iPad

Hey @KQA03!
I don’t think it has this feature yet.

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What an amazing resource! Awesome work!

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Okay thanks, was just curious

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Awesome site! Very helpful info here!

OMG!!! Thank you soo much!!! Really Love It.

Now this is epic. And I thought VirtualHub was the best, this is just even better!