VirtualHub iOS and Android | [FREE]


Virtual Hub is an amazing app! I recommend people get it


I use this all the time for decent calculations, thank you for making such a reliable app!


Can a developer please message me regarding a bug; it shows my devices personal information which is why im not uploading to topic. Thank you.


VirtualHub says KSEA is in the southwest coast of Africa.


Any update on when the limited Flight-plan creations will be fixed/ bypassed?


Hey, we are still looking for a solution.



Just curious? Where does VirtualHub get their FPLs from?


The airport charts isn’t working… :(

Confused with gates

I ca t find it on play store or through the app or the google play link.



What is your Android version? The app can be used with Android 4.2 or higher.


I’m on a s8+


Not sure of my version


My version is 8.0.8


Or 8.0.0 I cant remember.


I cant find it on google play store tho. Or virtual hub


I have notified the Android developer and he will come back to you as soon as possible!

(Next time, please edit your original comment to add the requested data instead of making separate comments ;))


Try the above link. Also what country are you located in?


Ameeica, I’m looking for the other virtual thingy for vref



VirtualLink :)

RELEASED - VirtualLink iOS app - VNAV Functionality Added to IF

That is not available on Android yet :(