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Hey, still working on new FPL or things sorted out,

Android user,



@DiMoS The new FPL for Android is on the way :)


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New VirtualHub Android update rolling out now!

What’s new?
-New look for the descent calculator
-New look for the flight planner
-Improved look for weather info
-Checklist UI fixes
-Other small fixes and improvements


Thanks for that @Dragos, but unfortunately it crashes whenever flight plan is generated, Android though


I downloaded the iOS app but can’t seem to get past the terms of service. The only thing showing up is “disagree.” Any help? Maybe I’m missing something really simple.


Hello, currently there is an issue with the agree button and will be fixed in an update soon. Current workaround: tap on the white space on the right side of the disagree button.


Hey guys, cant generate flight plan nothing generated and I don’t see a button for it


Use the button on your keyboard.


Thx. But which button


Press the “return” button. @DiMoS


Thx a lot, seems that this is due to using the smart iPad keyboard so no go button is available, will try with the return on the smart external keyboard…it is a pity that I changed to iPad in order to use this App…great effort though


Ok now I am able to generate the flight plan through return button…how can I copy it …I removed the keyboard and still cant fight a copy option


After generating the flightplan, a button should appear below the aircraft selection menu. Tap on it and swipe on the screen. You will now see a copy button.


Gotcha…thx working



Some VirtualHub features may not be available tonight 27th of June from 8PM GMT to 10:00 PM GMT.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


@Dragos , @Sudafly hey there, I generated 1 flight plan then it showed an alert that too many requests and to try again tomorrow, it is the AD free version though


Is there a Mac OS version in the works please?


No sorry , a Mac version is nor currently in the works.


Version 1.1.7 of VirtualHub iOS is now available

What’s new?

-We have removed ads and made the flightplanner better!
-Redesign Terms screen.

Both the Android and iOS versions are now ad free !