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Still not fixed boss…i am suffering here, pls if you adjusted the FPL


Patience is a virtue. I can assure you, as a beta tester for the app itself, that they are constantly making improvements and working restlessly to improve this app for all its users.


@DiMoS We are currently working on a more robust and reliable flightplanner for the android version. We hope we can release it soon!


It is the best app…


Thx bro, i am just really cant fly without it…good luck


This is the most amazing app ever. Well apart from Infinite Flight. I’m…I’m blown away!


Amazing job guys, however I always have a problem opening charts…


@TheCoolPilot Just give us a DM on twitter and we’ll go from there !


Do you guys plan to add more charts to this app? I use them all the time and they’re very detailed/helpful but I’m strictly limited to a select few airports. Even some major airports like KIAH aren’t listed. I do understand that you guys are constantly hard at work with this app and your newer one coming out soon, but I was just curious as to whether you intend to add more charts.


I downloaded the app and opened it. It showed me the terms and services but it won’t let me accept it it only allows me to disagree. If anyone could help please.


@Beast_Assassin Hey this is a known issue in the latest release. We’re releasing a patch fix soon.

Meanwhile, a workaround for this is to scroll all the way down and click to the right of the disagree button. Not on the button but next to it , to the right.


Thanks for the support. Love the app from the screenshots.


I’m having a weird issue here… can anyone help me?

EDIT: This is a thing that only happens with the 737. Weird.


Purchased this app and I love it . Currently it seems that the flight planner is not working on iOS . I have 3 iPads and iPhone 7 . Just a heads up .


Due to issues on the server end, flightplanner is currently slow.


Ok thank you for the quick response hopefully it gets up and running again soon


This app no longer works. No flight plans are generated. : (


is your App working, because i am unable to get results when using the FlightPlan


Due to some API errors, flight plans are unavailable at the moment. We are working on it to fix it!


I understand that you guys are working very hard on this app so thank you but is there a fix for android FPL yet?