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These checklists, can you use them while IF is active or whenever you click on them it pauses IF? Just curious.


You have to go to the app and use them. When you go back to Infinite Flight you cannot hear the checklist voice unfortunately. @SkyHighGuys


So that means in order to use them you need to have IF “paused”?


Sort of. You don’t need to pause the game manually. You can have IF sill running, except when you return to it you will need to hit the resume button.


This is how it works on IOS. Try it out yourself!


Does anyone else have an issue with finding a flight plan?


Hey Shaydox! Could you provide some screenshots of what your getting for your error? That will help the developers solve the issue better :)


Yes, when I get home I will upload it


Many Charts showing error…


Absolutely amazing app but ive got one question,in the Descent calculator what does it mean by:‘Altitude fix in Feet’??



I’m not 100% sure but I think Altitude Fix is the height of the ground above sea level. For example when you click on an airport it will tell you how high that airport is above sea level. I think that’s what it is.


@SlimeFlyer it is the altitude you want to descend to


I have just download the app and tried to plan a flight plan and I filled in all the information and it didn’t do anything. Can someone Plz help…


Please see the video in the link. You will see how to use the flightplan page.



Wow. I can’t say how much of an amazing app this is. It’s so great, I almost don’t even need simbrief (actually, I don’t use simbrief and only his for short hauls). I admire the work and effort you guys put in to make this. Keep it up! 👍


Thanks a lot! Just what I needed


This Looks Great! Can you use it at the same time as a flight on the same device? Also is it on Amazon if it does support same device use.


Hey,it is me again…for some reason i cant generate flight plan, it gets me undefined , my internet connection is working good though


hey , that is a know issue. we are working on a new FPL


keep your eyes open ! 😮