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The flightplan api have a limit of request for each user. You have reached the limit and won’t be able to use the flightplan on the same IP for the next 24 hours.

Workaround: Connect to a other network or use 3G/4G.


But why limit the request!!?? I paid for the app to remove the ads and now is kinda useless :(
And How much is the limit??


How many times did you asked for the flightplan? Did you also changed the aircraft frequently durning the flightplan loading?


I forget… maybe like 5 times?


The limit is around 50 request each day, as far i know. Yesterday, i have been testing some things and i was able to do around 50 requests.

  1. You have pressed multiple times on the search button.
  2. You switched between aircrafts while the flightplan was loaded.
  3. There is somebody on you network that also uses the flightplan.


and why limit the request? It’s just the same like you limit how many time you can fly in Infinite flight :D


Its not me, its the flightplan api.

Limits and Abuse
Request limits are used to prevent abuse of the API and ensure the data is available fairly to all users. Attempts to circumvent the limits or authentication may lead to your API access being revoked. We retain the right to reduce API limits or revoke access in the future.


Still the same, not working unfortunately


Uninstalled, reinstalled back…all is good now thx @Dragos


I downloaded this app but unfortunately, I cannot use it because I only use one device. Is there any way to run both apps at the same time.


I am on iOS. So it might be something that’s not been discovered.


Do you you use any vpn software on your device or router?


Hey, did you tried again? Do have this problem for other routes as well? It was working fine for me yesterday after doing some tests. Try to reinstall the app. If the problem is still there.


@Dragos on the TOD section, could you elaborate on what the “altitude fix” means? Cause no matter what I type in, it never works.


Great app unfortunately I had to uninstall it due to all the notifications that keep popping up. Please add a way to disable this. I dont need to be reminded its time to fly every other hour.


U can turn it off on ur phone settings


It’s a every day notification.


@Delta_Alpha_Lima altitude fix , is the next fixes altitude. AKA the altitude you want to descend to.


No and to answer the other question no, but I will try the last question


So this means that there is an error in the route. What is the route you are searching for?