VirtualHub iOS and Android | [FREE]


Flightplans, checklists , gate maps and the descent calculator are up and running. Delays expected for charts and weather updates.


App update will be rolling out shortly fixing the issues. Expect every feature to be in working order after patch.


I thought this app can easily make a dlight plan, but the Route is not clickable… So couldn’t copy and paste the route…


Hey, you need to scroll left or right to go the route page.


OH HAHA sorryyy merci~


About to test this out looks good!


Anyone else having issues with the charts? Doesn’t seem to find or load any of them for me.


Me too its showing error…
They said will update soon to fix it


I can not get the flight planner to work nor copy and paste it


There are known issues with the flight planner on android. Are you currently using it on android or iOS? @Devildogmp


Happy to support your fine efforts. Ads removed for $2 is one way. Thanks for a great supplement to IF.


hi there. I am on android. I love the app though :)


Thank you @Devildogmp @GBIRD and everyone else! We are glad that you liked it! Don’t forget to rate our app on the stores😀.


The fuel information that provide from Virtualhub is that accurate? like included the reverse fuel or in case of go around fuel and taxi fuel? :)


Why can’t I generate a flightplan? I put in all of the required and it doesn’t work. This might be an error on my part (70% chance). So I would like I explanation on how to do it.


IT includes everything.


Hey, are you on iOS or Android? There is a know issue on Android when generating flightplans, but it should work on iOS.


Hi @Dragos just updated today, and access is forbidden for the flight planner


@DiMoS Sorry , it is working now.


After I made some few Flightplan, then starts showing error
I have tried close and reopen it… not working