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Thanks @Sudafly and @Dragos for the super fast fix! It works now :D




Splitscreen is not supported on iPhones


Do you guys have a website?


On the descent calculator I can’t seem to find where it says the rate of descent. Can someone tell me where it is or what the rate of descent it?


Our website will be released soon!


I guess it’s my phone then (iPhone 5s)


@Joost3008 did you build the site nice bro👍


Hello, I have just pushed an update that should fix this. It will be available after Apple approves It.


No I didn’t. I am not a part of virtual flight any more


Hey, download VirtualHub version 1.1.1 from the AppStore! This will fix your issue.


I really like this App… However I don’t like the Adds in it… Will you consider making an inApp purchase to clear the adds??


I just realized this solves all the hassle for flights…


Very amazing app !
Downloaded it a few days ago and been using it ever since !

Few bugs but nothing major, PM me if you wanna know them


Hey there! There is an new update available for iOS and Android


  • Loading Speed Improvements in the charts section.

  • You can now remove the ads for a better experience!

  • 3D Touch Shortcuts (iPhone 6S (Plus) and newer).

  • Weather widget: Show you the current metar for your last airport search.

  • UI Improvements

  • Bug Fixes


  • Back to the normal colors.

  • Speed Improvements.

  • New logo.

*The new logo will be available soon on iOS.


Hi there,
Just logged-on to the apps store, but they are not yet showing the update, at least for me.
Perhaps it take a couple of hours?


The update came on the store 10 hours ago. So it should be available.

Are you logged in with the same Apple ID what you have used to download VirtualHub?

What is the version number you see in the AppStore? If it is V1.1.3, than you are good.

Or does your device installed the update automatically? Check the version number of VirtualHub in the slide out menu.


The apps store show v1.1.3, bizarre that it did not show “update” option initially so I deleted the old app on my phone and ipad, and reloaded them. Looks like and I am good to go now. Thanks.


Great! Will have a look!


Hey everyone! Due to an Internet outage, VirtualHub Services on Android Devices are currently unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.