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I love the new update but, one thing is this an app issue or is it IF.

This was a flight from KJFK-EDDF


I’m really tempted to try it though…


for a strange reason EDDF -> KJFK has just one misplaced waypoint, so try it in the opposite direction the next time.


Ok I will tomorrow then, but I might fly what it shows and see what happens…


@Daniel14 This is a known issue with some plans. We’re currently working with FDS to find a solution.


Hey There!

It’s finally here, the Flight Planner!

  • You can see your route on the map, estimated flight time, needed fuel, distance and aircraft details! You can just easily copy the route and paste it into the search bar in Infinite Flight.

  • We’ve have added push notifications to keep you updated on important notices or events. Make sure to turn them on!

  • And with our new server, charts, and other data will now load a lot faster!

  • Our “Team” section is now renamed to “About Us”. A new design where you can read our history and projects.

  • Optimized for the iPhone X.

  • Updated Checklists (Engine On/Off)

  • Added Chartlab Section.

  • Last, we’ve improved the performance and stability.

  • Deeplinking is now supported.


  1. virtualhub:///charts?ICAO
  2. virtualhub:///weather?ICAO
  3. virtualhub:///checklist?checklistName


  1. pretaxi
  2. pretakeoff
  3. climb
  4. approach
  5. afterlanding
  6. parking

Examples (Only works with VirtualHub 1.1 or Higher):

  1. virtualhub:///charts?KMIA
  2. virtualhub:///weather?KMIA
  3. virtualhub:///checklist?pretaxi

*Map, Aircraft Details and Deeplinking Only Available For iOS at the moment.

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E-Metar is glitching

For me only works Weather and descent calculator. At the checklist, i thing that no smoking be conected on in pre taxi until parking.


Thanks! We will look into it.


Hi, the flight planner doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


I really like this update. When I first got it the flight planner was working fine, but now it shows me this.


@Mix56awesome @Pradyut_Mandal

We are aware of this issue and were trying to fix it ASAP.


I’m slightly confused on the TOD calculator. What does “FT” mean? When it asks for cruising altitude and below that it asks for “Alritude Fix in FT”



That is your next fix’s altitude. In other words, the altitude you want to descent to.


What do you mean by split screen is supported?


You can run two apps at the same time, for example, Infinite Flight and Virtualhub:


How do I go about setting this up??


Depending what device you’re using ( Android or iOS ) there are different ways


@Pradyut_Mandal @Mix56awesome

Flightplaner on android is back ! Were hoping that were not going to experience any more issues.


I have iPad Air 1, iOS 11. How do you do it?


I’m using an Iphone 6s up to date