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As I expect! Like I said the app has a lot of potential :)



Hold tight ! :)


Are you sure you’re talking about VirtualHub not Infinite Passengers? I’m not too clued in on VirtualHub but as far as I’m aware, it has nothing to do with your post…?



I think your at the wrong topic😉.


Same, search doesn’t work, I am using iPad


Hello, this happens when the server has a time out or when you internet connection is slow. Restart your Router and iPad and Trey again



Some of you may experience problems with the charts (Again). We trying to keep this service up again!

We can’t give an estimated fixed time. But we will notify you!


Just to clarify the charts still aren’t working as far as I know. Correct?


Your right! We are working hard and expect an update soon!


Ok thanks! Can’t wait to get the charts it’ll make taxing at airports a lot easier.


You can see the AirPort map in the gate info map



Were at it again, coming with major new features for VirtualHub.

Introducing the flight planner! Now you can have all of your essential flight tools all in one simple app! Just copy paste the flight plan in Infinite Flight and you’re good to go!

The app automatically calculates the fuel and flight time for you! No empty fuel tanks anymore!

Our Aircraft information tab gives you the V2 speed, descent rate take off rate etc!

*Aircraft information and map is only available for iOS at the moment.



1.) When is the update for these amazing features?

2.) Will KIND have Gates in the future?




  1. There is still bugs to fix. So we don’t know what and when we release it.

  2. Maybe in the feature.


Are the coordinates written out in infinite flights form or just normally. If they are written normally I think you should make them so they are the infinite flight way than we wouldn’t have to type out the coordinates.


Let’s just say you will easily get a FPL that works great with Infinite Flight :)


No need to type coordinates;)


New VirtualHub version coming shortly !

We’ve added a flightplaner VirtualHub! We’ve now made it easier than ever to plan your flights! Check out this video on out Instagram and make sure to follow us !

The update is coming soon, probably tonight! :)

Individual Waypoints

Can’t wait one minute!


Looks great! I’d love to see an option to input your cruising speed in Mach or KIAS. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to this update!