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Glad to hear you like it. Let’s not break it though. :)


Very useful app, well done. However I have a little question, when is the flight planner going to be added again?


We removed the flightplanner because of various issues to do with it. It’s going to be back as soon as we think it’s the best it can be.


We’re experiencing some issue with our app. If you notice any issues or slow loading please let us know.


We’ve had multiple reports of tablet users experiencing crashes on startup of the app. This will be fixed soon: update coming out later today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


We’d like to remind everyone that the issue mentioned above is fixed.

Update cmae out a few days back, if you were experiencing issues please check back on Virtualhub now ! :)


Does need some work, but has potential


@Devildogmp We’re open for criticism! We’d gladly fix any issues you’re having or try to improve your experience! :)


Does this work with global? Sorry, first time I saw this app.


Yes , this app can be used for global. Weather is available for all airports in global , descent calculator works , gate info for all airports in global. Charts are limited to major airports. @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF


Frankfurt Am Main and Munich airport can’t be found.


I just discovered this. Man I’m glad I decided to get this :)

Also how do I get this to work with split screen?


Glad you’re enjoying the app.
Unfortunately, split screen is available on a limited amount of devices.

Split screen only available on android nougat (7.0) and some Samsung galaxy devices running android 6.0 or higher also some ios devices.

We’re sorry to disappoint you if your device doesn’t meet those requirements… :(


How does the decent calculator work? First time using it.



You enter your current altitude , the altitude you want to descent to and then your current Mach speed.


Does it works for offline ?


The descent calculator and checklists work offline. All other features require a internet connection. @Thanmad


That’s fine at your current speed, but what happens to it’s calculations when you slow down as you get closer t your destination?


Almost every airport I search I get that too



Our Chartlab members are working hard to expand the charts database! Those airports may be available in the future.