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Because there isn’t a airport layout in the system yet… If your looking for Gates, I suggest going to the Gate Info tab and searching KMSP :)


They don’t work for me. Just a gray screen 😕


@Insertusernamehere Thats strange… Try out the new update if you haven’t already. This might also be caused by a slow Internet connection. If you are still having issues go ahead and PM me.


When will flight plans be introduced again?


Yeah, flight plans went away for some reason? Do you know when it’ll be back?


@BRWI @Michael_Weinblatt

Hey, it was unstable for now, but we hope to fix it and bring it back!


I like it but the rounded corners are slightly odd… is it just my iphone 5s?


The rounded corners are apart of the app. I personally like them.


Hey, can you send me a screenshot? I have no simulator or device to test them on smaller phones.



I’m pretty sure he means these:


Great! Good to see that your are at least aware of the issue!


I’m so downloading this… great app! Will definitely help in flight.


I mean like @bensonb posted but I’ll send you a screenshot from my iPhone when I get home.


We’re currently working on updating our chart database. Here is a early design;


We need you! | The VirtualHub Chartlab

Our goal:
We want to make Infinite Flight even better. With perfected charts and airport information. Start-up for Global. We create charts that are made for Infinite Flight, which can be used at any time.

Why we need you:
The project is still in its infancy. For this, we are looking for a team that is ready to invest time in the development of advanced charts for Infinite Flight. Perfect for other users. Perfect for everyone. We want to build a huge databank. With your help. So apply now as one of the positions.

My job as:

  • Graphic Designers
    You should be familiar with modern design. It does not matter which tools you work with. Whether with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and co. or with Canva. As long as you have fun, we also have fun. Your task is to design the weekly charts and insert them into a forge.

  • Airport Editor
    You have an important task. We need your skills to create good Airport Ground Charts. Meanwhile, our system includes over 500+ Airport Ground Charts. To stay on the highest standarts, we must have a team ready, which can take care of it well.

  • Human Seach Engine
    You are the vein of our system. You provide us with all the important information we need to assemble the charts. You take the searching of all the airport information, such as Frequencies or Ground Operations.

You like this Idea and want to support us as a volunteer?
Message me with your dream job. The best team members will be registered as supporters in our IOS and Android Application.

Best regards,
Caspar Wamik @CasaAviation


This is a great app! 😀👌


STAR Charts rolling out for France

We’re glad to announce that STAR charts for French major airports will start rolling out in the following week. These should be available late this week.


When will this app have actual flight charts like SIDS and so forth.


We’re not planning on changing to those sort of charts in the near future. @Matthew_Hromek


Can’t wait when global comes out. I’m literally going to break this app by how much I’m going to use it.