VirtualHub iOS and Android | [FREE]



Today, we’d like to introduce VirtualHub for iOS and Android by VirtualFlight to everyone. VirtualHub is free for anyone!

You can find Charts, Weather Data, and Detailed Gate Information!
Simple checklists for added realism and making sure you don’t forget anything. We have also added a Descent Calculator. Just type your Current Altitude, your next Altitude, and your Mach Speed.
We have a database that contains more than 500 charts!

VirtualHub has a wind map that is recommended by the developers of Infinite Flight!

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 10 or higher. Splitscreen is supported. Don’t forget to place a review.

Here is a great review of @gadget_pilot:


@Dragos | Android App Developer
@Sudafly | iOS and MacOS App Developer
@CasaAviation | Web Developer and Designer
@DS2001 | Web Developer

Donators and Supporters

@Brandon_K, @Levet, @Kilt_McHaggis

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This looks amazing!

One thing you haven’t told us that we are all dying to know is “How much does it cost?”!


It’s free. (tells us in the post) :)


Its 100% free! :) I highly recommend this! This goes great while flying in Infinite Flight! Brings it to another level!


I absolutely love this app! It’s by far the best Checklists/Charts app out there for IF. Great job guys;-)


Downloading it currently! Hope to be using in many flights to come!

EDIT: Its brilliant! Tells you so much info that is really good to know! Go download it!


Thanks for the support @bensonb @PlaneCrazy @Brandon_K @Luke . Hope you all enjoy the app!


I love how In-Flight Assistant has been released on Android at roughly the same time VirtualHub is released on iOS. Can’t wait to start using this app on my iPhone while I fly!


Yes! I have been waiting for this forever to come out on IOS! Yay! Thank you @Sudafly


You made it free?!

Sir, you deserve three trophies, and seven medals.


Haha Thank you! @FlyFi @AllegiantAir


Thanks for the amazing feedback @Luke !


You guys did amazing job, keep it up!


Will download when I can get internet, can’t wait as this is going to be the best IOS IF app that’s free!


You are all welcome vultures that won’t pay. Just kidding 😉, hope everyone enjoys the app after the developers hard work and some generous contributions to make this app a reality!


Can guarantee you, it is. Its amazing, I never knew about this app being in android. You guys deserve big credit for making this and for making it free!!!


Hey! Amazing app. I just wanted to ask, when I enter an ICAO to look up charts, can I not select a chart so that I can zoom-in and see it individually? Currently I’m having to zoom in on the list itself.


Are you trying to find Gates?


Nope, in the home view itself, where you search for charts.


Wow. It’s amazing! Congratulations for this amazing job. It will be such an useful tool and a must-have for lots in this community.