VirtualHub 2.0 Update! Download Now For iOS and Android!


You might know there already is a VirtualHub topic, so you may be asking why there is a new one. We chose to do this because this release of VirtualHub is a total revamp of the old app versions including UI and functionality, therefore we considered the old topic to be outdated and misleading.

You can find Charts, Weather Data, Detailed Gate Information and Runway information.
Simple checklists for added realism and making sure you don’t forget anything. We also have a Descent Calculator. Just type your Current Altitude, your next Altitude, and your Mach Speed.
We have a database that contains more than 500 charts including SID, ILS charts and more!

![|300x649](upload://tgUUpKTCX7RjatrReBFDU4CdEau.jpeg *


@Dragos | Android App Developer
@Sudafly | iOS and MacOS App Developer
@CasaAviation | Web Developer and Designer
@DS2001 | Web Developer

Donators and Supporters

@Brandon_K, @Levet, @Kilt_McHaggis

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BETA tester

I’d like to thank @Jan for his help throughout the development process of this app.

What’s next

We’re currently working on even more features for VirtualHub that we hope to bring out soon. If you already have the older version of VirtualHub don’t forget to update it. If you have posted a review before this update we’d urge you to give the new app a try and reconsider your review.


Awesome work guys. Just tried it out, the new update is killer!


Im downloading it right now!

Awesome Job on This…glad you allowed us to donate as I know this isn’t an easy or inexpensive thing too do


For a healthy feedback: add ltfm pls. There is only ltba. And we don’t use ltba now. And thanks for this good app. Also you can add some well known approach types for some airports and people can try to do them.

I love the New update. A Very Nice and modern layout.

It’s working much better than the last version. It’s very useful.

Good job!

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Amazing job! Good work!

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Good job! Thanks guys!

Woah, this looks awesome! Will be very useful for lots of people! Great job everyone!

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If you experienced any issues on Android, there has already been a update pushed out.

Nice! I wish I had a second device tho to run it I only have Windows 10 for some 2014 airport charts

Is this coming to Mac ?

We don’t see it coming to MacOS any time soon. :(

That part was referring to the staff’s general role in the group not necessarily relative to the app

Great job on this one ! Plenty of work and effort put into this and the overhaul is flawless , modern, and very detailed!

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Ah Okay. Thanks for clarifying !

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Even more fixes have been pushed to Android!

Does it overlay with IF? I know some of the apps do not do that.

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