Virtualflight website

Hello. Virtualflight now has a new website. To find out more please visit
The website was made by @Bluepanda900

Virtualflight founder Dragos


Nice website! Looking forward to your apps!

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Thanks! I know 1 beta tester allready 😉 @Giacomo_Lawrance

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Can I beta test?! :D

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Obviously lol

Thanks for the credit!😀

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Great, looking forward to it!

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Don’t spam the entries lol, we got it, send it only once lol.

Sorry, it didn’t give me the submitted screen. Sorry… :(

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Just submitted it! I would be honored to help!

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You should receive a email shortly.please use the invite code quickly because it expires soon

The top left icon says ‘virual flight’ not ‘virtual’ 🌚


Nope 😃 @MishaCamp

Oh sorry I thought you were talking about the logo I’m using

I submitted a form, I wanted to be a beta tester too so it’s like this
Coding experience
Untitled=I want to be a beta tester(Solgen)
And my brain cells exploded

Fixed! Lol

I am very sorry, but everyone who submitted, that isn’t on the website now (under the members tab), will need to resubmit. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Would you like to join?