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Welcome aboard VirtualBlue! We are the most realistic virtual airline for Infinite Flight, simulating the operations of the real-life airline JetBlue Airways. With our extensive routes database, and our custom made website, we offer an ultra realistic flying experience for our virtual pilots. Our crew have access to a vast range of tools to build flight plans, log flights and increase their flying knowledge. VirtualBlue is the perfect airline for pilots looking to take their Infinite Flight experience to the next level.

To provide our pilots with an ultra realistic and professional virtual airline experience.

VirtualBlue is proud to have our own custom designed and built website on the phpVMS platform. Unlike most virtual airlines, we do not use free website hosting platforms, we don’t use pre-made templated designs, we do not use website builders, and we do not store or log routes in a Google Spreadsheet. Our website design is 100% unique and made just for VirtualBlue. linkicon Visit out our website

VirtualBlue places an emphasis on flying realistic flight plans. It is expected that all our pilots will fly a real world JetBlue flight plan which includes following SIDs, STARs and all other flight/airport procedures. We recommend for our pilots to utilize websites such as FlightAware, SimBrief and FlightRadar 24 to get flight plans and prepare their flights.

We DO NOT permit “straight shot” flying or flights without a real-world flight plan. For example: “KBOS R1123 LAS KLAX” is NOT a valid VirtualBlue flight plan.

We also recommend for our pilots to use 3rd Party apps to enhance their flying experience in Infinite Flight. linkicon Check out our favorite 3rd Party apps for Infinite Flight.

VirtualBlue University is a training resource for new crew members who may not be as familiar flying real world flight plans, or flying with SID/STAR procedures. Our series of training videos help new pilots learn the basics of airline style flying and reading IFR Plates (charts).

The VirtualBlue team is dedicated to maintaining a community of professional Infinite Flight pilots.

Leadership Team

Chief Pilot | @FBWFTW
Chief Digital Officer | @Eighty
Chief Hub Manager | @ChiknNRice

Hub Managers

New York, KJFK | @Gonzo
Boston, KBOS | @jetPro
Fort Lauderdale, KFLL | @metro
Orlando, KMCO | @Liam_McAtee
San Juan, TJSJ | @Michael_Gonzalez
Long Beach, KLGB | @ChiknNRice

If you are interested in joining our hub manager team, please first apply and begin flying as a VirtualBlue pilot. After having flown for us, you may apply to become a staff member by messaging a member of the leadership team.

Love JetBlue? You’ll love VirtualBlue! We are currently accepting new pilot applications. To learn more infromation about becoming a VirtualBlue pilot, please read the requirements below or visit our website. linkicon

While we do have some requirements and expectations from our pilots, we think our requirements are reasonable and achievable. We aim to be a professional, yet casual, relaxed and fun VA. “We’re bringing Humanity back to virtual airlines”

Crew Activity Requirement

We require our pilots to fly at least 1 flight every 30 days. However we encourage all crew members to be more active than required to take full advantage of the resources we provide.

We do understand our pilots have busy schedules, and may not be able to fly on a monthly basis, or sometimes do not subscribe to Infinite Flight on an annual basises. If a pilot knows they will be inactive for an extended period of time they may request for their account to be placed on inactive status, so their account is saved for their return.

New Pilot Requirments

We are currently accepting pilot applications. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

  • Must be a grade 2 pilot or higher.
  • Must be able to maintain activity of 1 flight per 30 days.
  • Must be able to use a detailed flight plan, following SIDs, STARs, and ILS approach procedures. (Or willing to learn how to fly proper procedures using IFR Charts.)
  • Must be able to join and stay active in our Slack group.
  • Must be in good standing on the IFC and with the IFVARB.

Want to get an inside look at VirtualBlue before you sign up? Check out our most recent event.

Website | Fly With Us | Log In | Old IFC Thread

Thank you for reading the VirtualBlue thread! We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and comments. Have a question? We have answers. Just ask by posting below.

✔︎ VirtualBlue is IFVARB approved.

Legal Stuff: VirtualBlue is not affiliated with, or endorsed by JetBlue Airways. The JetBlue designs are trademarks of JetBlue Airways Corporation.


Nice thread. Good luck. It is very minty!


Great Looking Thread. Proud to be a loyal pilot for VirtualBlue! 😁


Looks nice! Best of luck to you guys :)


Looking for dedicated Hub Managers who’s duties it will be to help make real world Routes into IF formatted copy/paste plans, assist teaching pilots about their Hubs and the appropriate SID/STAR/ILS charts to use as well as HOW the procedures are flown in the real world and most importantly help throw rotating events out of each Hub. Apply by group messaging myself, @Eighty and @ChiknNRice for an interview. Preference given to active virtualBlue pilots first and also those that live near the Hubs/Focus Cities.

Open Hubs are:


Very well constructed VA, and heck of a main thread with realistic and well thought out logos. Very tempting to say the least.


I don’t live anywhere near these hubs but sounds like an interesting position

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Awesome new thread @Eighty! I am honored that I get to be a part of such an amazing VA. Keep up the great work!


Yeahh!!! Great thread! I’ve had so many fun group flights and a great experience with vB so far. Hope to see many of you guys flying the blue colors soon ;)


Looks great! Wish you guys the best of luck! :)


Great new thread! So excited to be apart such a professional and caring VA here on IF. Keep up the great work @Eighty !


Your post and website look awesome. Very, very good job! Very impressive.


Loving this thread and look of this VA! I signed up a few days ago and still no reply. Is there a problem with my registration? Can’t wait to join!


The response will/might take up to 2 days.

My response was after around 1.5 days, its normal, don’t sweat it.

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Oh, I’m fine about it 😂, I just want to get started ahahah

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I felt the same way! Don’t worry, you’ll be flying the color blue soon ;)


It should usually take up to 2 days, but sometimes they are a little bit slower… mine took 5 days! Don’t sweat it, I’m sure you’ll get a reply soon.

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Hi there! We have quite a few registrations in the process of being reviewed, so your application might take a little bit longer. Thanks for applying and sorry for the wait!


Oh its fine, look forward to joining!

Also more of a question really, are you guys planning to expand your bases? To include Fort Laurderdale (KFLL), Long Beach (KLGB), Orlando (KMCO) and finally San Juan (TJSJ). Because currently you only have New York (KJFK) and Boston (KBOS).