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Hi, Welcome to the official thread for VirtualBlue.

Welcome aboard VirtualBlue! We are a virtual airline based on the U.S. airline JetBlue Airways. With our extensive routes database and advanced operations center, we offer a unique experience for all Infinite Flight enthusiasts and JetBlue fans.

Logo Mission

We strive to provide our pilots with an ultra realistic and professional virtual airline experience.

Logo Website

VirtualBlue is proud to have our own custom designed and built website on the phpVMS platform. Unlike most virtual airlines, we do not use free website hosting platforms, we do not use website builders, and we do not store our routes in a Google Spreadsheet.

By using the phpVMS platform, we are able to provide our pilots with a website that includes fully built in features, including our: CrewCenter, pilot awards, schedules database, flight bidding system, and pilot briefs with detailed routes, charts, and live weather.

![Logo|12x15](upload://qG250YywjqsrC3jsDTnQHF46lOD.png) Visit our website today and experience the difference:

Website Preview

Logo How We Fly

Focus Cities

John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)
Logan International Airport (KBOS)

We are in the process of opening up Boston (KBOS) as a new focus city. We plan on adding additional focus cities including, Long Beach, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale in the near future.


VirtualBlue currently flies to over 50 destinations across The United States and The Caribbean.

Logo Browse our flight schedules on our website.

Flight Plans and Procedures

VirtualBlue places an emphasis on flying realistic routes. It is expected that all our pilots will fly a real world JetBlue flight plan which includes following SIDs, STARs and all other flight procedures.

We DO NOT permit “straight shot” flying or flights without a detailed flight plan. For example: “WPT KBOS R1123 KLAS KLAX” is NOT a valid virtualBlue flight plan. These kinds of flights will NOT be validated in our system.

Our Planes

VirtualBlue operates with the Embraer 190, Airbus A320, and the Airbus A321.

Logo THANK YOU IFC for voicing your support for the JetBlue A321!!! CONFIRMED: The Jetblue A321 livery!

Photo Credit: @InfiniteFlight on Twitter

VirtualBlue University (Now Available)


VirtualBlue University is a resource for our new pilots to learn the basics of airline style flying and reading IFR Plates (charts). We currently have 5 tutorial videos published on our YouTube channel, and will be publishing training guides and procedures soon.

Logo The Blue Crew

VirtualBlue is dedicated to maintaining a community of professional Infinite Flight pilots. While we do have some requirements and expectations from our pilots, we think our requirements are reasonable and achievable. We aim to be a professional, yet casual, relaxed and fun VA. “We’re bringing Humanity back to virtual airlines”.


Chief Pilot | @FBWFTW
Chief Digital Officer | @Eighty
Chief Hub Manager | @ChiknNRice

Hub Managers

New York, KJFK | Available
Boston, KBOS | Available
Ft. Lauderdale, KFLL | Available
Orlando, KMCO | Available
San Juan, TJSJ | Available
Long Beach, KLGB | @ChiknNRice

Logo Now accepting Hub Manager applications! To apply contact @FBWFTW

Pilot Ranks

Activity Requirement

We require our pilots to fly at least 1 flight every 30 days. However we encourage all crew members to be more active than required to take full advantage of the resources we provide.

We do understand our pilots have busy schedules, and may not be able to fly on a monthly basis, or sometimes do not subscribe to Infinite Flight on an annual basises. If a pilot knows they will be inactive for an extended period of time they may request for their account to be placed on inactive status, so their account is saved for their return.

Join The Blue Crew

We are currently accepting pilot applications. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

  • Must be a grade 2 pilot or higher.
  • Must be able to maintain activity of 1 flight per 30 days.
  • Must be able to use a detailed flight plan, following SIDs, STARs, and ILS approach procedures. (Or willing to learn how to fly proper procedures using IFR Charts.)
  • Must be able to join and stay active in our Slack group.
  • Must be in good standing on the IFC and with the IFVARB.

Logo If you are interested in joining VirtualBlue, please register at

Logo Upcoming Events

Want to get an inside look at VirtualBlue before you sign up? Check out our most recent event.

Logo Have Questions? We Have Answers


Q: Is VirtualBlue a fictional virtual airline? Why are we called VirtualBlue?
A: We are not a “fictional virtual airline”. We are based on the real world airline JetBlue. We are named VirtualBlue to ensure real JetBlue passengers don’t get confused.

Q: Are we related to other VAs that simulate JetBlue/use other SIMs?
A: No. We are an independent VA and exclusive for Infinite Flight pilots.

Q: Is this a new VA? Why is there a new VirtualBlue thread?
A: No, VirtualBlue was founded in 2017 by CEO Emeritus Jacob Matthew. We had a leadership change in February of 2018, and this is our new IFC thread. The old thread has been closed.

Q: Can I transfer my hours from my previous VA?
A: We do not accept transferring of hours as there is no way for us to verify that you’ve actually accumulated the hours truthfully. However we don’t have restrictions based on rank, our pilots are able to fly all our routes and planes after demonstrating an ability to follow a detailed flight plan.

Q: Do I have to fly real world routes/the routes provided?
A: Yes. Our goal is to be as realistic as possible, if you prefer to fly “straight shot” routes from point A to point B please do not apply to VirtualBlue.

Q: What if ATC is not following SID or STAR procedures for the airport?
A: We expect our pilots to follow reasonable ATC instructions on TS1/Playground servers and ALL instructions on the Expert Server-even if they do not follow proper procedure. We also expect our pilots to fly safely and follow traffic in uncontrolled airspaces with heavy traffic. Otherwise, it is required for pilots to follow standard procedures for the airport.

Q: Are pilots required to join the slack group?
A: Yes. Your account will be deactivated if you do not join our Slack group within 7 days of being accepted as a pilot.

Q: How do I apply for a staff position?
A: Contact any member of our leadership team. Please be prepared to share why you would like to join the VirtualBlue staff, and the skills you can bring to our VA. Staff positions at VirtualBlue are more than a title and come with responsibilities.

If you have any questions not listed in our FAQs, you may post them to our thread or message one of our leaders.

Logo You may also email us at

✔︎ We are IFVARB approved.

Thanks for reading the VirtualBlue thread! We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and comments.

Legal Stuff: VirtualBlue is not affiliated with, or endorsed by JetBlue Airways. The JetBlue logos and designs are trademarks of JetBlue Airways Corporation.


Amazing thread, well organized, and comes with one of the most professional VA websites I’ve seen! Will love to see you guys put that A321 to work. :)


Looks great! Very professional!


Well, you will get to add to your fleet soon with the JetBlue A321!


Thanks @FlyFi! We are super excited to have the 321 livery!

Such a nice and unique name! Wishing VirtualBlue good luck through their jouneys.

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Don’t forget folks-we’re hiring Hub Managers for each city! To apply please send a DM to myself, @eighty and @Jordan_Decker

We’re looking forward to adding to the team!


Very nice presentation

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We finally have the entire JetBlue fleet! A big thanks to FDS for delivering this masterpiece for us. Our operations just got a whole lot more realistic (no more generic liveries for us!)


Yay!!! Maybe we should do a celebratory flight once it’s introduced in the update!

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😏… In all seriousness, I think we will organize something to celebrate, but haven’t had much time to think about it yet tho. Stay tuned!


Stay tuned, the next installment of virtualBlue U will be coming to YouTube in the next day or so. In this installment we’ll talk a bit more about SID/STAR and ILS as well as why we at virtualBlue fly them by the numbers! You’ll think it was formation flying if you didn’t know better!



Hey IFC and JetBlue fans! While we all patiently await the big JetBlue A321 Infinite Flight Update (sometimes referred to as the CRJ update), it’s time for a quick update of our own. Over the past few weeks, our staff have been hard at work on a number of projects and improvements.

First off, we are happy to announce that we are opening Boston Logan (KBOS) as our next focus city. Initially, we have flights scheduled to KRSW, KPBI, KFLL, KJFK, KLAS, KDCA and KLAX. We will be working on adding all the Boston routes in the coming weeks.

Second, JetBlue began new routes to Atlanta this past Thursday from KJFK, KMCO and KFLL. The VirtualBlue schedules have been updated with KJFK-KATL and KATL-KJFK flights. Flights to and from KMCO and KFLL will be added in when our KMCO and KFLL focus cities open.

linkicon Speaking of focus cities, we’re still hiring for open hub manager positions! If you’d like to join our awesome team contact @Eighty or @FBWFTW.

Last, but not least, we are proud to officially open VirtualBlue University. A series of 5 tutorial and training videos have been published to our YouTube channel, and are available for our pilots. Special thanks to @FBWFTW for producing these videos!

linkicon Preview: Check out the VirtualBlue University tutorial for our bidding system and for flight planning!

Thats all for this update, see you in the Blue skies! | Fly With Us



We are beyond excited to welcome the JetBlue A321 livery to Infinite Flight! Stay tuned for an upcoming A321 celebration event.


Very professional and well organised virtual airline!

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You guys look awesome! I hope to be accepted soon!


Wow… What an organized thread. This should be valued throughout the community as a template for more recent, smaller, VAs’ VOs


Thank you!

Thanks! We will be going through the applications later today. Sorry, we were very busy organizing our St. Patrick’s Day event.



Pilot Applications

All pending pilot applications have been reviewed! I apologize for the wait, and welcome to our new pilots!

For those of you who got rejected and are wondering why. Most likely it’s because I could not find the IFC username you registered with. There were several applications with invalid IFC usernames. You may re-appy with the correct username if you wish.

St. Patrick’s Day A321 Event

If you haven’t already done so, check out some of the awesome photos we got at our recent event to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the JetBlue A321. It was a big success, and many thanks again to all the pilots who joined us.

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To any VirtualBlue pilots: Thanks to the incredible scheduling skills and teamwork of the IFATC, this Friday Night Flight they are controlling KBOS, KFLL, and KATL! Be sure to join in on the fun and snap some awesome shots of you sporting those blue colors, and post them here! I hope our pilots maintain a respectful and realistic setting while soaring through the skies, and don’t forget: have fun!