★ VirtualBlue (JetBlue) ★

Yeah bro I was going around and at almost full power lol

virtualBlue group flight at Boston Logan Terminal C to JFK T5.

Taxining to 33L

Some excellent ATC from CAPT KTG SaUsY on TS1. pls tag if you know SaUsY


I wish I could have joined you guys, looks like you had an amazing flight. I’ll approve your pireps in a moment, just got off of school. :)

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Anyone besides me hoping for an A321 in B6 livery and also a rework of the 320/321 with wingflex etc etc?


That flight last night is awesome, sorry I have to go mid-way though, you guys are so awesome


Yes! Vote for the 321 if you haven’t already! Would also be nice to have some different liveries/tail designs for the 320.


Already voted. I’ve been thinking about my IF

“Christmas Wish List”
I know some of these are pipe dreams but coming from a PC sim and VATSIM flying, IF is awesome it’s only an update or two away from being VATSIM/FSX
Here’s my wish list-what’s yours?

Controls/Flight Dynamics:
-Softer/smoother autopilot connect/disconnect (which leads to my next item)
-Airbus auto trim
-Dynamics/updates: Not slowing down so much in descent-most real world descents are idle and need spoilers
-Brakes: Press and HOLD button for momentary braking and doable tap button for park brake instead of brake just being on/off (helps for taxi/landing)
-VNAV/Managed modes

-An FMC with VNAV/Speed management connected to flight planning
-Save flight plans (I do a LOT of work on F. Plans!)
-Add/fix/update the RNAV SID/STAR waypoints for each MAJOR airport (this is a constant work in progress i think)
-Radio tuning for VOR’s (perhaps separate app?)

-A330-200 Hawaiian/Fiji/Aer Lingus and others
-A321 B6 livery
-A32X family reworks

The IF Controller app in the US App Store!


These will definitely come in the future! Hopefully I mean haha


Honestly #1 on my list is updated jetBlue liveries and 321. Bonus if the blueprint e190 was added.
#2 updated lighting, especially taxiway lights and logo lights.

Thats it, pretty simple for me, really just a big jetBlue fan.



Our pilots’ flight times are certainly one of the highest out of most VAs! I took this screenshot of just a couple of our pilots, not all. There’s seriously a lot more than this!

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I truly recommend you change the title if this is the case, which it is.


Landing lights could def be better/brighter on the 320 for sure. Haven’t flown the sad generic 321 for B6 yet but I’m planning on KJFK-KLAX today. Liveries would be great but i’d rather have the more in depth realism first and have the liveries as a bonus in an update with the VNAV and flight dynamics. As for the Dynamics, we shouldn’t have to ever power up in a descent in an A32X family plane (and most others I’m sure) should be idle from top of descent right up to level out and if anything we should be fighting to keep the speed down instead of watching it bleed too low.


Good that you cut me out. Unfortunately, I have yet to file a single PIREP!

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They’re also using a copyrighted name, from the VirtualBlue airline based off of computer flight sims. I’ve contacted an admin from the IFVARB, but even with a copyright, nothing has happened.

That logic is right but Take this from me, The Airbus A320 Family does not calculate TOD with Thrust Idle… Few reasons for this one is being Engine Anti Ice and Wing Anti Ice need HP Air and at idle it doesn’t suffice hence we get an N1 Increase. As for fighting speed off that only happens when your on the wrong side of the drag curve… Its not real world accurate but its pretty good :) I mean I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem slowing it down in real life unless Im doing excess of 310kts


How do you copyright work that uses the content and likeness of a real airline?

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Ok idle or CLOSE to idle-not the 50% throttle in IF with a faster than normal speed drop/bleed off. The airbus wing is slick and loves to fly. On the 330 it’s def noticeable. Speaking of anti ice-I forgot to add clouds and precipitation to my wishlist lol.

Its no different than American Airlines Virtual using the same name as the virtual airline for a desktop flight sim regardless if the name is a knockoff of the real world airline or not.


Oh lol that was unintentional haha

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Looks like a amazing VA can’t wait to see you guys in the sky :)