virtualBlue |Event “Beta Test” | Accepting Cadet Applications

The thread is beautiful! Good luck! Wishing you guys all the best.

Hi Zach,
Cadets are restricted to 10 hours of training flights in the E190 and 15 hours in the A320 with each period followed by a checkride with a senior pilot/check airman. As such, until that period is up, Cadets will not be considered for staff positions. On the other hand, we almost always try to promote from within our VA and we will especially promote pilots that fly the virtualBlue way and can help teach others to do the same. You’ll find the entrance exam in your inbox.

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Hmmmmm🤔I already mimic JetBlue constantly on IF my home base being JFK with focus to Florida JetBlue Airports and some LAX time to time…

Well if you want to take it to the next level, come right on aboard and register 😉

Live stream going on now!

Looking nice, looking fresh.

I applied! Thru register is it?

Check your inbox

Applied! Nice / fresh website, well done!

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Step by Step virtualBlue Flight Planning Stream

Glad to see virtualBlue back. As an former member, this is amazing to see (even though I don’t plan on returning)

Thanks Jerry. virtualBlue is not for everybody-it’s for detail oriented, mature pilots who want to learn as much as possible.

We’ve put together a comprehensive virtualBlue 2.0 tutorial playlist including a full group flight.

Group Flight Link below (includes go around)

Friendly reminder to those that have applied-after you apply-

Please message us at this IFC account with the email you registered with.

We will hold current pending applications for 7 days
(unless you’ve messaged us and begun the exam process)

This has a twofold purpose

  1. So we can validate your IFC account
  2. So you can take the written entrance exam.

We’ve had many signups and not a lot of messages here! Please read the thread carefully and follow instructions!

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Hi, would you like to sponsor my upcoming Long Beach flyout, since it is one of your hubs?

Big shout out today to our friends at @DeltaVirtual for helping us “beta test” an event with all real world procedures and operations. We had parallel takeoffs on the SID, speed controls on the STAR and ILS to maintain spacing and had a great day testing out what using real world procedures looks like in IF! A special thanks to @MrMrMan for helping put this test together and thanks to the Delta Virtual pilots that flew “by the numbers” with us today! We’re really looking forward to future events with a great VA!

Here’s a couple shots of the event and stay tuned for a video stream breakdown of how it all worked!


I can’t seem to find where to apply or what to do. Can someone send me a link? Thank you! I’ve wanted to be apart of this VA for so long.



Thank you!


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