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The Skies are Blue and It's a Great Day to Fly!

Ladies and Gentleman!!
virtualBlue is back with some MASSIVE updates.


VirtualBlue 2.0 consists of a complete website overhaul built by @maestro, and with some help from @epaga, virtualBlue 2.0 will be the first Virtual Airline with INTEGRATED ACARS!

We’ve introduced a new ranking system, to bring excitement and a sense of accomplishment at virtualBlue. virtualBlue 2.0 includes an entrance exam-every user that signs up will take. It’s a 10 question test, comprised of questions about jetBlue, SIDs, STARs, ILS approaches, and a whole lot more. Time to put on the big boy wings and bring your skills to the next level!

We’ll see you up in the (virtual)Blue Skies!


Are You Up For A Challenge...??

The First Five (5) Pilot Applicants to Achieve 100% on the Entrance Exam Will Receive a Copy of IF-Assistant, Courtesy of our Good Friend: @epaga!

(Make sure to please sign up on our website with your IFC name so we can send the exam to you.) If you did NOT use your IFC name, please private message us at this account with the email you used to sign up and we will get you on your way to flying with Blue!)


Welcome to virtualBlue!

Our mission is to be THE most realistic virtual airline for Infinite Flight. We "simulate" the operations of jetBlue Airways as close as possible to real world jetBlue operations as Infinite Flight allows. With our extensive routes database, and our custom made website, we offer an ultra realistic flying experience for our virtual pilots.

Being a part of our Blue Crew will give you access to a vast range of tools, tutorials and an experienced staff to help build flight plans, log flights and most importantly, increase their flying knowledge. virtualBlue is the perfect airline for pilots looking to take their Infinite Flight experience to the next level.

If you plan to apply to virtualBlue, please do the following:

A. Read this thread carefully to get a sense of what we’re about.

B. Once you’ve applied-shoot us a message here on the IFC with screenshots of your grade tables so we can get your application rolling with our written entrance exam.


Get ready to fly the same routes and use the same procedures that real jetBlue pilots do!

We even have real world jetBlue A320 and E190 Pilots on our “staff” to answer your technical questions!! (no personal questions allowed please!)

At virtualBlue, we do things professionally-and we don’t stop at in-sim realism. We feature a uniquely coded website which will be constantly updated as we continue to evolve as a VA. Our website design is 100% unique and made just for VirtualBlue.

Visit out our website at VirtualBlue.


virtualBlue places an emphasis on flying real world flight plans. It is expected that all our pilots will fly a real world jetBlue flight plan which includes following SIDs, STARs and all other flight/airport procedures. We recommend for our pilots to utilize websites such as FlightAware, SimBrief and FlightRadar 24 along with to get flight plans and prepare their flights.


SIDs and STARs

virtualBlue uses all real world flight plans and IFR procedures (called SIDs and STARs) at all the airports we service. The picture below depicts one of the STAR and ILS approaches to one of our largest focus cities, KBOS.


Flight Plans

virtualBlue has amazing hub managers to guide our pilots on realistic flight plans to fly just like our real world jetBlue “counterparts.” virtualBlue University on YouTube will give you step by step instructions on creating a proper flight plan!



virtualBlue University

As virtualBlue is powered by the In-Flight suite of apps by @epaga we strongly recommend that our pilots use the suite of apps to enhance their flying experience in Infinite Flight. From time to time, we even give away copies of the apps for winning a challenge, mastering a difficult approach etc.
virtualBlue University is a training resource for new crew members who may not be as familiar flying real world flight plans, or flying with SID/STAR procedures. Our series of training videos help new pilots learn the basics of airline style flying and reading IFR Plates (charts). We use tools available to provide a realistic environment:

Infinite FMC


In Flight Operations

Or as we call it IFOps is a MANDATORY app for all virtualBlue pilots to use

The IFOps app was conceptualized at virtualBlue to help train pilots for better takeoffs and landings as well as proper flight planning and logging.

Thanks to all of @epaga’s hard work (and patience with all of our crazy ideas) IFOps is now a reality for flight logging and will be the backbone of our upcoming ACARS system!

Get your free copy in the App Store or Google Play Store at the links below!

The VirtualBlue team is dedicated to maintaining a community of professional Infinite Flight pilots.

Leadership Team

Chief Pilot | @FBWFTW

Fleet Chief | @Maestro

Chief Adminstrative Officer | @jetPro

Chief Hub Manager | @metro

Chief Training Pilot | @cinga98

Chief Technology Officer | @DProctor

Chief Safety Officer | @Aquila

Hub Managers

New York, KJFK | @cinga98

Boston, KBOS | Available

Fort Lauderdale, KFLL | @metro

Orlando, KMCO | Available

San Juan, TJSJ | Available

Long Beach, KLGB |

If you are interested in joining our hub manager team, please first apply and begin flying as a virtualBlue pilot. After having flown for us, you may then apply to become a staff member by messaging a member of the leadership team.

We are currently accepting new pilot applications!
New applicants will be given the entrance exam over the IFC and be able to jump into the skies with us once they’ve completed the exam
To learn more information about becoming a VirtualBlue pilot, please read the requirements below or visit us at virtualBlue

While we do have some requirements and expectations from our pilots, we think our requirements are reasonable and achievable. We aim to be a professional, yet casual, relaxed and fun VA. “We’re bringing Humanity back to virtual airlines”

Crew Activity Requirement

We require our pilots to fly at least 1 flight every 30 days. However we encourage all crew members to be more active than required to take full advantage of the resources we provide.

We do understand our pilots have busy schedules, and may not be able to fly on a monthly basis, or sometimes do not subscribe to Infinite Flight on an annual basises. If a pilot knows they will be inactive for an extended period of time they may request for their account to be placed on inactive status, so their account is saved for their return.

New Pilot Requirements

We are currently accepting pilot applications. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

Must be 15 years of age or prove maturity by flying to virtualBlue standards

  • Must be a grade 3 pilot or higher.

  • Pilots who do not achieve a 70% or better on the entry exam will be evaluated on a case by case basis by vB staff.

  • Must be able to maintain activity of 1 flight per 30 days.

  • Must be able to use a detailed flight plan, following SIDs, STARs, and ILS approach procedures. (Or willing to learn how to fly proper procedures using IFR Charts.)

  • Must be able to join and stay active in our Slack group.

  • Must be mature professional and respectful

  • Must be in good standing on the IFC and with the IFVARB.

  • Must have a copy of In Flight Operations by John Goering

  • Having a full copy of In-Flight Assistant is strongly recommended

At minimum, we again strongly recommend at least getting the base IF-A app along with the GPWS/VNAV in-app purchase. Cost for these two in app purchases is ~$10 and you’ll have them for the rest of your IF career!

Pilot Ranking System

Our new ranking system will challenge you to fly more realistically and be evaluated via checkride by our Chief Safety Pilot and his team of Check Airmen. At each “checkride” section of your rank progression, you’ll unlock new aircraft and routes to fly within the virtualBlue system. Pilots who excel during their checkrides can even apply for an early promotion subject to approval by the Chief Safety Pilot!

virtualBlue New Hire (Cadet) / 0-9:59

• JetBlue E190/Checkride at 10:00hrs

virtualBlue Senior Cadet / 10:00-25:59

• JetBlue A320/Checkride at 25:59hrs

virtualBlue Junior First Officer / 26:00-75:59

• JetBlue A320 All Routes

virtualBlue Senior First Officer / 76:00-125:59

• JetBlue A321/Checkride at 125:59

virtualBlue Junior Captain / 150:59-250:59

• JetBlue A321 MINT Routes

• Codeshare Training at 250:59

virtualBlue Senior Captain / 250:59+

• Ability To Fly And File Codeshare Flights with virtualBlue partner airlines and equipment

Pilots, once you’ve submitted your application, please send your grade table screenshot in a DM to @virtualBlue for review


Want to get an inside look at VirtualBlue before you sign up? Check out our YouTube Channel!

Go To VirtualBlue
[Fly With Us]

To register on our site, follow the instructions in the pics below-on phones, click the menu bar at top right and then click register. Remember, if you register on the site and don’t use your IFC name-message us here with the email you used to sign up so we can process your application!

On tablets, click register

Thank you for reading the VirtualBlue thread! We appreciate your feedback and comments. Have a question? We have answers. Just ask by posting below.

✔︎VirtualBlue is IFVARB approved.


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Welcome back @virtualBlue!
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Looks like a great thread! If I wanted to contact someone about partnering for an event at FLL should I PM your FLL manager? Thanks!

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Fantastic thread! All the best and good furtune.

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This is a fantastic looking thread! Welcome back, virtualBlue.


You can PM us here, all staff can access to our IFC account


omg what an amazing thread I will study hard and hope to make it in this VA


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Damn, the wait was certainly worth it for the new virtualBlue. You guys have came back in pure style, looking awesome! Really awesome thread. :)


Amazing work vB! Can’t wait to see what else is accomplished down the line!



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We’ve gotten a lot of applications with emails and no IFC names-if you applied to virtualBlue, please send us a message here so we know your application is not spam/accidental!

Without posting emails, we’ll use first names here-if you see your name, please message us!



What a grand reopening! Feels great to be part of virtualBlue.


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@virtualBlue I see you’re missing some hub managers are there open spots for any if we do join because I chose my hub as MCO and it looks like MCO doesn’t have a hub manager