virtualBlue 2.0?

It’s coming.


Sorry about the imperfections in the design guys ;)

First time using photoshop again in a long time, haha.


Looking forward!

I dont know who you are,
I dont know what you do,

But im stoked to find out.


I’ve been approved to join the team as I see my name on the pilot roster. I’ve yet to receive and email on the next steps to get started?

Please PM @virtualblue


As the thread mentions, we are currently in the process of launching virtualBlue 2.0-this will include a host of new features. We will add your name to the list for the vB 2.0 cadet entrance test.

Is this Virtual Airline currently open?

@MathAviation7 Our website is currently being rebuilt from scratch to provide a new virtualBlue experience with phpVMS and a few other “secret sauce” items that will be embedded in the site for easy flight logging. Part of the delay is that certain features haven’t been done/coded before so it’s taken a bit more time than we would like.

If you would like to take the entrance exam and be placed on the roster for relaunch, shoot us a DM here and we’ll get you started.


I am considering joining although I have something else I wanted to discuss. I will confer via PM

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How do you see the pilot roster.


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