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VirtualBag Update

Hello everyone!

Another VirtualBag update, however not such a good one. Due to multiple issues with data being lost over the past couple of weeks we have had to push back the release date to TBA, this is due to issues like this presenting itself. As with software development things can break, change and work very quickly and in weird ways. However this has not halted work but only increased our drive to get it out quicker!

As a little surprise we have begun work on our Discord Bot which compliments the website and gives you information at a glance.

Please note what you see below is a Developer version of the Discord Bot and does not fully represent the final product, also with the recently announced changes over at Discord regarding slash command implementation we have decided to fully move over to slash commands which added a whole new layer of complexity.

If you want to ready the new Discord updates then click below:

Enough chit chat here is a WIP shot of the VirtualBag Discord Bot!

We welcome all the support by the community on this project and we cannot wait to ship it to you ready, functional and user friendly.

The VirtualBag Team.


That’s so cool, congrats!

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Awesome, was pretty funny to see you trying to fix that haha

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