VirtualBag - Your Infinite Flight Performance Database | Launching Soon

VirtualBag Version 1 Preparing for Lift Off

With great pleasure, excitement and a whole lot of nerves I am announcing VirtualBag.

VirtualBag is a Infinite Flight Pilots one stop shop or hanger for all the information you need regarding aircraft performance and information.

With version 1 launching soon we aim to have a slew of features available to help you navigate and fly the aircraft of Infinite Flight easier, smoother and better than ever. With in depth performance calculations, information and more you will have everything you need to master any aircraft you wish.

The main reason I created this database of performance was due to the general scarcity of information for certain and majority of aircraft. Yes newer aircraft have more information but older aircraft do not get the same treatment, with this that changes.

You can chose any aircraft of your choice. With a search function being implemented for quicker navigation.

VirtualBag’s main feature is having aircraft performance at your fingertips. For version 1 we aim to have all Airbus and Boeing aircraft available with more aircraft being added as frequently as possible. Aircraft that could be following or added with version 1 is the Embraer E175.

Aircraft performance metrics include the following:

  • Takeoff and Landing Data
  • Fuel Burn Data
  • Cruising Altitudes
  • Cruising Speeds

More information and performance metrics may become available in the future.

Here is a WIP (Work In Progress) shot of the Takeoff and Landing Data for the Airbus A220-300.

Please note that this may change before official release.

Other features include livery information relevant to each aircraft. This list is updated frequently to include new livery additions or removals. The liveries below are as follows for the Airbus A220-300.

Please note that this may change before official release.

Lastly there are aircraft timelines for newer aircraft showing the aircraft development over the course of it’s development cycle. Here is a work in progress shot of the Airbus A220-300 development cycle.

Please note that this may change before official release. Please click the image for the full image.

VirtualBag has been in development now for almost 4 months. With this being a project that I have wanted to take on since the dawn of 2021.

The plan for VirtualBag is to have a consistent update schedule. With no set timeline yet we cannot give a guarantee on how long between updates it will be we can assure you that if anything changes regarding aircraft it will be endeavored to be adjusted on the site.

For those who are interested in the languages this has been fully coded in HTML, Styled in CSS with a touch of Javascript.

The current roadmap for VirtualBag is as follows:

The release date has been updated to TBA.

After that we intend on adding other aircraft types such as Bombardier, Cessna, McDonnel Douglas and more. We are not going to add all within one update but are going to stage release them to ensure we are satisfied with the contents. With us aiming for a end of September release version 1 may include the Embraer E175 depending on the release of the aircraft.

Later on towards the end of the year we hope to have added some more aircraft to the list along with general quality of life improvements.

Looking in 2022 we hope to have a Discord Bot that ties in with the website in order to send information about a specific aircraft type. This will come in very handy for VA’s and VO’s looking to take their simming experience even further.

Further into 2022 we have not planned that far yet but more information will be released closer to the date.

For all communications about WIP’s please feel free to DM me on the forum with any suggestions, concerns or improvements you would like to see. Please note they may not be added immediately but they will be added based on time, demand and other factors. Please keep the DM structured so that I can act on it.

I want to personally thank everyone involved in this project for their help and input during the startup times.

Personal shoutouts go to:

@DeerCrusher - For helping me with aircraft performance, data and design inputs
@Oliver_P - For helping me in reviewing the thread and for other items here and there.
@Watt - For always being excited and encouraging about the future of development of the site.
@Marc - For answering a question I had regarding this thread.

To everyone else who may have known and or have had input made I am so thankful.

Getting to this point was a goal I never thought I would reach but through hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears I made it. Building everything from scratch was hard enough I have also never done any form of development before so this was a massive learning curve but I persisted and got it to where she is today!

The core website is complete now with refinements and aircraft adjustments taking place. I hope that you all can appreciate the detailed information and detail put not only into the aircraft performance and information but the website also.

Onwards and Upwards,
Ruan (Average_Gamer)


This is amazing! Great work :)

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Thank you! :D

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Looks amazing, great work!

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Amazing work Ruan. So excited to see your effort taking form. I think this will be an invaluable addition to the community.


Thank you both! :)

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Can’t wait to see how far this project will fly!

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This sounds absolutely awesome! Looking forward to all the updates regarding this project!

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Looks fabulous, Ryan! Nice work there

Edit - Ruan* for sure, what a classic one.

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Finally about time someone created something like this :) Thanks for taking the time and effort to provide our community with such a useful, and powerful tool!

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Thank you all! I cannot wait for everyone to be able to fully utilise it.

VirtualBag Update

Hello everyone! These past few days have been a rollercoaster to say the least, but that does not affect development of VirtualBag. Currently performance testing is in the works for the final Airbus aircraft and Boeing aircraft testing will begin shortly. More information on these will be shared in due course however this just serves as a reminder that for version 1.0 we plan on just having Airbus and Boeing aircraft, however, Embraer could be included with the release of 22.7 depending on when the release comes out. However if the release comes too close to release we will push the release of the Embraer family to another update.

To end of this post here is a WIP of the Airbus A330-300 fuel burn charts:

Please note this is a WIP and may change before official release.

Until next time, keep flying and thank you for your support!


Good good good man! Come on this is very very amazing!

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Thank you!

Amazing work mate!

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Cheers, Baba!

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when will this be out?


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Once I am confident in the final product, work is continuing daily. As stated in the thread I am working on a release for the end of this month but with my current time I may have to push it, better to release a product that is stable, usable and user friendly rather than a rushed, incomplete and overall bad product. :)

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ok, tell me please once its out cause i will use it until it crashed my computer