Virtual Top Gun

Hi guys,

Since we’ve now got the F-18 I am proposing we do a virtual Top Gun. This will be held at Miramar. Each aircraft dog fights each other and the last one standing wins. The winner of the dogfight will then move to the next round until we have two finalists. This will work by being in a Discord voice chat and you confirm with the other pilot once you’ve got a lock on with your HUD. What does everyone think of this idea? If there’s a lot of interest I will take it forward and arrange it.



This is Interesting a top Gun virtual i hope this is a thing because it could be fun to other user because it has the maverick livery on the F/A-18E
And Because you can go fast like in the movie once again I really hope this becomes a thing in the near future have a great one :)

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I want to toatlly join😲😲😲

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