Virtual spotting at London Heathrow

So I went spotting at EGLL in the training server and surprisingly it was pretty professional.

Flight info

Plane and livery: Singapore airlines 78X
Flight plan: None

Here are the pictures

A KLM 737 getting ready for take off.

A Qatar whale holding short

British airways 77W holding short

An SAS A350 holding short

Delta 767 with a LOT 737 both holding short
A KLM 777 coming in for a landing

And lastly, a Delta 767 rotating
I hope you enjoyed my pictures and tell me what airport to go to next!


Oh wow! Those are very nice photos!

I never seem to get that many professional people on the training server! Must have been a good day ;)

No it’s fairly professional most of the time in EGLL

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What airport should I do next?

KLAX on the training server! or NZAA today on the expert, its’ gonna be super busy with all those arrivals and only one runway.

I’ll do that tomorrow then!