Virtual Reality (VR) In-Flight Entertainment - British Airways

British Airways has begun providing complimentary VR (virtual reality) entertainment on first-class flights between LHR and JFK.


British Airways is teaming up with a company called SkyLights, a company specializing in premium VR in-flight entertainment, to experiment with using virtual reality as a new source of in-flight entertainment. Passengers will be able to watch various shows and films in “2D, 3D or 360° formats” regardless of seating position (upright, lie-flat, etc.). BA only has plans to test this on its KJFK-EGLL route and is set to end the service by the end of 2019.

To me, this seems like an excellent idea. I’ve used VR headsets before, and the experience is truly captivating. This sounds like a fantastic idea for passing time on long flights.

What are your thoughts? Do you think VR entertainment will be the next big thing for in-flight entertainment, or is the concept doomed to fail?

  • I’d better go book my LHR-JFK ticket now!
  • Cool idea, but I wouldn’t fly first class just for the VR.
  • No thanks to VR.

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The price difference between Business and First (even at peak times) price-wise isn’t too much on this route. If someone can afford Business, I’m sure they could pay a bit more to experience First (and this VR experience as a bonus).

Unfortunately I have no plans to travel to New York until possibly next summer. So even if I saved up Avios and money, I still would miss this opportunity :(


Cool idea, but those things can make quite a few people feel nauseous.


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