Virtual PPL Program

Hi all,

While I was having a shower this morning. I have come up with an idea which I would like to discuss with you. Would anyone be interested if I make a virtual PPL program?

It works by the following

  • 5 hours flight training
  • Final exam
  • Free virtual certificate

This is just a thought so nothing official yet. Feedback good and bad will be appreciated. I want to do this to give something back to the community


im in⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Nice idea mate.

That’s a wonderful idea, I’d pitch in if it isn’t IFVARB related.

I’ll take the Pilot-ATC comms module if you’re making one too😊 been too scared to go solo on expert most of the time.

Great idea btw! Love the virtual certificate thingy too!

Message me mate

Will be great if it works!

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