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Hey everyone.

I just recently saw this topic,

and I’ve got some ideas to add on.


I in no way want to be staff or leader with this, and am not asking for staff, I’m pitching an idea to those who want it.

So, I was wondering if someone, who already has a PPL, and along with a couple of others, could start a PPL program.

You’d have to go through ground school, learning the basics of planes such as the C172, Cirrus 22, etc.

This could be done 2 ways, first is through Embry Riddle, an aeronautical school that we have their livery on the game, there could be an Embry Riddle VA, that gives PPLs. The second is just a general PPL program.

There could be weekly check-ups or monthly ones.

In the idea, you could learn every single basic of aviation. Basically, the entire user guide but someone professional’s teaching you.

How would this be a VA-wide idea?

Well, if the project takes off, and it’s well constructed, with mandatory lessons to be attended, teachers, etc. VAs could require you to have a PPL to fly for them, or maybe for a rank-up, or maybe for staff. It works partnership-wise.

If the project REALLY takes off, then they could create partnerships with VAs, in which they’re in charge of training pilots who failed their check-ride or written, or G. 2s. The PPL group can let’s say, ask a VA for a hub for them to use to train their pilots, etc.

After this is done, you’d get a certificate, and this certificate could bypass any VA check-ride or written. This certificate would of course expire, every month, and you’d need a renewed one.

I strongly suggest someone with a PPL and others who have or are in the process of getting one work on it.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think of this idea!

If you get to use it I’d appreciate it if you credit me and @LordZakCreaser like little mini-creds.

PS: If staff or IFATC Sups are interested, this can be something like IFATC, a group but instead of a test, there’s learning.


Great Idea. I completely support this!

This idea is amazing !

I love this idea, will definitely be super useful for many users.

Dang, that’s actually pretty cool. This could potentially expand to other licenses, like instrument and commercial, maybe even ATP’s (not taking the same amount of time as rl of course 😂), and VA’s could have certain license requirements for pilot acceptance. I would definitely like to see this

This is a cool idea, Ahmed. If people are interested. There are groups such as IFGAC and IFAE that offer programs where you take hard tests to get admitted and become in a very professional environment. You can find their threads below!


Jarrett is right! IFGAC which I am the president of, has lots of well educated IRL pilots within the VA who can help assist and teach you how to fly and communicate with ATC. We are going to be establishing a similar program similar to what you said as our thread states :) (probably not until this summer)

Ur idea is cool just your gonna need to be IFVARB approved and have well educated people to be the CFI’s. Also would add a disclaimer stating this is not an Official source of flight training.


i would be very on board with this idea.

I think this is a great idea however I think infinite flight and airlines do great work in educating new players on how to fly. I do think there could be improvements with regard to airline development education. Maybe incorporate that into such a program as this?

I think this is an interesting idea that has also crossed my mind before- but here’s an essential question I have.

Would it be a program that teaches concepts and skills needed for a real-life PPL, or a program that has its own skills and concepts needed for Infinite Flight mastery? Big difference here.

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Thank you!

Yeah! Or like I said, a pass for check rides or writtens.

Thank you again!

Very cool! But that’s a test to join, what I’m saying is like a school. Teaching with tests like finals.

Yes, exactly!

I do know and agree with this, but let’s be honest, lots of pilots jump to a 777 instead of starting with a C172, a Cessna is basics, the beginning, if you don’t know how to fly it, you morally in real life can’t fly anything else. So yeah.

Goes both ways, they could teach the parts of a Cessna, the checkups, how to land, what the instruments are, etc, or it could be ground school, let’s say VA partnerships, whoever starts this idea can be in charge of the training program for rank-ups, if I fly the CRJ for United, the PPL program thing Can allow me rank up and fly a new plane, let’s say the 737, I need to take a test and if I fail they can teach.


I love the idea. Fully support it, however as a Private Pilot I must say (for US pilots) a PPL does not expire. It is good for life.

However, your currency as a pilot does, so maybe instead of having the certificate “expire” have it a requirement that they need X amount of landings in a certain amount of time to be current. And then maybe every three or so months require some sort of flight review.

The above comes from real life regs in the US. IRL PPL currencies are as follows: 3 landings in the past 90 days to carry passengers (to a stop and go for day currency and to a full stop for night currency.)

And the FAA also requires any pilot to complete a biennial flight review every 24 cal months.

Of course the intervals in the sim are up to you, just thought I’d give you an idea.

Edit: i know your going to say i missed medicals, however that is not applicable to the game so i left it out intentionally.

Reference FAR 61.56 and FAR 61.57


I’ve tried something called “Clear Skies Flight Academy” where we this was basically what the whole VO was about. But, we did PPL, IR, CPL, etc.

Unfortunately, the VARB did not approve it! Have a good day.

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