Virtual Planespotting taken to another level! - Part 2

Virtual PLanespotting taken to another level! Part 2

Hey everyone! I’m back with my plane spotting series! Today I decided to go to KLAX and planespot there! I managed to open an ex-sub replay so I got nice shots with pro aircraft! All shots edited in Lightroom, Snapseed, and apple photo editor. Enjoy the pictures 😎


Routes: Various
aircraft: Various
Flight time(s): Various
Server: Expert

Singapore A350-900 departing for Singapore

Norwegian 789 Parked at the gate getting ready for a flight to Madrid

Infinite flight A350 about to touchdown, coming in from Los Angeles

Another Singapore Airlines taxiing as an Air China 787 taxies in the background

Air Europa 787 heading to Madrid starts takeoff roll as aircraft taxi to the hold-short line

LATAM A350 heading to Santiago taxies as an American A320 is parked at its gate

Delta A350 turns towards its gate

Thanks for looking, feedback and opinions are appreciated as always!

See you around!


What happened to the logo??


Oops, rendering glitch. I’ll see if I can retake it.

Unfortunately for some reason the same plane keeps bugging…

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Nice love the Delta A350

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Cool! I love that parallel 787 takeoff with the Delta A350 in there too!

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Thanks man!

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Nice mate, great angles.
Next time you could possibly lower the saturation on some of them, but other than that these are pretty nice 👌


Thanks Oli! Will take your feedback into account!

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Even though you deleted your message, thank you very much!

Interesting take on these photos. It’s kind of hard to see what’s going on and see all the details when you boost the colour and the shadows miss out. But still, nice job.


Hmm, I actually think I can see the details better because of the higher contrast. Thanks anyways!

I’ll take your feedback into consideration!

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It’s kind of like a boosted HDR effect on these photos to bring out the shadows, but you loose detail in the sky and start to make the lighter colours blend and with the boosted saturation, the darker colours look maybe overly dark.


Yeah, the light sky is actually my style so I cant really change that 😉 I agree with you on the dark colors though, thats something I’ll try my best to improve.

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Hey BC

That was me and forgot I was on the IFAEGAF account.

I was saying:

You need to do more of these spotting topics as they are amazing and quite the spectacle to look at and have some amazing character behind every photo.
Keep doing what you are doing for this community as its amazing.



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Thanks a lot! That means a lot to me knowing that the community likes my photos. I’m glad you like them too 🤙

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