Virtual Planespotting (from the Gate) / @LFBD: Runway 23 and 29: Farewell to these A333s's liveries!

Hello IFC!

21.4 is here: with the A333 reworked, new liveries … but unfortunately, the GE90’s sound…
But after in this update, many liveries (like Korean Air, WoW Air…) are gone.
So, I decided to make a Farewell to these formers liveries (and hopefully, they will be add again next time).

I did these Farewells at LFBD (Bordeaux Airport), an airport in the SouthWest of France.

If you didn’t knew, Inside the airport, there is an Aircraft Maintenance Technics, which is Sabena Technics.
More informations about Sabena Technics here

It is also my home airport, so that’s why I have chosen this airport.

Sabena Technics at LFBD:

Boring stuffs

Server: Solo

Aircraft: all used are the Airbus A330-300

IF Version: 21.3

Edits: none

Liveries used:

  • Air Asia X
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Airbus (House)
  • Factory
  • Lufthansa (Old)
  • WoW Air
  • Korean Air
  • Air Canada (old)
  • Cathay Pacific

Well, enough of the chitchat, here is the pics:

First, we have this Air Asia X which land on Runway 23, come from Kuala Lumpur Airport.
This A333 will be operated by Brussels Airlines:

Then, this Air Canada wearing the old livery, coming from Montreal, landing on Runway 29, will be painted with the New Livery.

10 minutes after the Air Canada parked at Sabena Technics, we have this A333 coming from Toulouse Too-loose wearing the “Airbus House” livery landing on R29 which, will be unfortunately, scrapped.

15 minutes after, this Cathay Pacific A333 coming from Hong Kong Airport, currently wearing the Old livery, landing on R29, will be painted with the New Livery.

Next, we have this Factory A333 coming from Toulouse landing on R29, will be painted with the colours of Hainan Air:

Twenty minutes after, we have this Garuda Indonesia coming from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (WIII) landing on R29, to be painted with the Oman Air’s livery:

Then, the best moment on a Sunny moment, this Korean Air A330-323 coming from Incheon International Airport (Seoul) landing on R23, will be stored for a very long moment:

Hours later on the Sunset, this Lufthansa A333, coming from Munich Airport, @anon2996007 landing on Runway 23 will be painted with the new livery:

30 minutes later, the last A333’s arrival:
This WOW Air is coming from Keflavík International Airport, landing on Runway 29 will be painted with the Turkish Airlines’s colours:

Thanks for looking at my pics! 😁

Don’t hesitate to drop a comment 👍

Which one(s) is (are) do you prefer?
  • 1 (Air Asia X)
  • 2 (Air Canada “Old Livery”)
  • 3 (Airbus House Livery)
  • 4 (Cathay “Old”)
  • 5 (Airbus Factory)
  • 6 (Garuda)
  • 7 (Korean Air)
  • 8 (Lufthansa “Old”)
  • 9 (Wow Air)

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Obviously by far the best photo! Normally I also quite like the old livery (especially on the A350), but in this case I am quite happy for the touch up xD
Thanks for sharing those snapshots!

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Nice job mate ! Your comments are very entertaining :)

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