Virtual Pilot License (Live)

I think besides of the XP & Standings performance, add a virtual pilot license for live, this may contain maybe, basic aviation theory session, practical training & exam, virtually.

So all future pilots MUST get to know more about flying first before they join in a live situation. Even if its only the freeflight server, there are some maneuver got to avoid at all cost.

For example, tailgating on another fleet, this is a dangerous maneuver not just to the do-er himself, but also for the other aircraft as well.

While we enjoy flying simulation, we shouldve too, enjoy simulating the safety practices of the real aviation.

Just a tot tho. Cheerio.


Thats a very good idea which i love!

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Maybe the procedure can be link together with the subscription option, first time subscriber will be direct to the licensing area for them to obtain the license before the subscription could be approved.

Even better let that amount of US$ 4.99, to not just be only a subscriptions material, but to simulate virtually the real life processes that all pilots got to do at the very first of their wonderful career, in this case, getting the license.

Good day!

Wait what?? :laughing:

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if they can add AI ATC and traffic in solo mode then let them get maybe 200 virtual hours first and take a test which will be following procedures etc. before they can go in live would be a lovely idea!! but the hard part would be the subscription since a lot of them will be ranting why they can’t access live when they paid for it…xD

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How about a whole series of reward badges, trainee, first officer, captain etc. maybe those epiletes you see stitched on shirt sleeves? Lots of games/social apps are using them these days as a way to incentivise players.

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This is a fine idea. The “KISS” formula must be applied and it should be free and voluntary. I’d be proud to be an IF Ticket holder. Great incentive.
Max Sends
( Convert the free flight server to an IF Licensee server.)

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