Virtual Photography to a New Level | Part Eight

P A R T - E I G H T

It’s April, that was fast.Welcome everyone to part eight of my virtual photography series! 2020 has started off strong for virtual photography, now things have slowed a bit. Over the past two months, I’ve dealt with a lack of enthusiasm for capturing and editing photos. The ones I’ve taken kept repeating the same theme, color scheme and lighting. After a few weeks break I’ve gotten back into the editing mood and here’s the final product.

The amount of photos in this bunch is lower than the other parts in the series due to what I stated above, here are the best out of the bunch. I hope you enjoy! :)


Photo Information

Air Austral | 787-8 | March 23rd | Swiss Alps
China Airlines | 747-400 | March 27th | Shanghai (DLVA event)
Japan Airlines | Modern Fleet | March 13th | Osaka Kansai
Aeromexico | 787-8 | March 30th | Madrid FNF
Etihad | 777-300ER | March 30th | Washington Dulles
Ethiopian | 777-200LR | April 1st | Atlantic Ocean
Moon | F-22 Space Flight | April 4th | +3,000,000,000FT
American Airlines | 777-300ER | April 4th | New York JFK
United Airlines | 777-200ER | April 6th | San Fransisco
Virgin Atlantic | A340-600 | March 21st | London Gatwick

F A V O R I T E - P H O T O ?

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
  • Photo 6
  • Photo 7
  • Photo 8
  • Photo 9
  • Photo 10

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Oh yeah, I love this series from my favorite IF photographer! 😎 Great job on these man!


To be honest, I’m not huge fan of total black backgrounds, but other than those, they are


The aircraft just stand out and it’s really cool, especially the Etihad 777

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Also I have to give credit to my homeboy @Butter_Boi for the moon shot inspiration. Check him out guys, he’s great.

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@Butter_Boi @DeltaMD88Fan

tenor (2)



I just can’t decide between no. 3 and no. 8!! Beeaaautiful.

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Wow! These are incredible! They look SOOOOOOOO realistic!

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Thanks so much for the compliment! Glad to have inspired you, that moonshot looks great!

And as for all of the photos, I have one word. Stunning. Those photos look so real, from the AA 777, to the Air Austral 787, to all of the others. Who put this in #screenshots-and-videos? Because even though they don’t have stuff such as clouds, they look so real!

I saved some to my device, I’ll PM you if I every use them. 🙂

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Thanks everyone for the kind words :)

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