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Can anyone please tell me how to add VO with callsign?


If you mean add VO to your Callsign, you can just type in your callsign (Swiss 739) as an example, then add VO using the keyboard.

If you mean add your VO to your tag, go to:

Top Right User Icon > Preferences > Profile then scroll down and you can select the VO you are in. This will show up next to your username in-flight if you connect your IFC account to your Infinite Flight account.

Also keep in mind you can only do this if your VO is approved by the IFVARB.

I already added VO In profile but srill it’s not shown.

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When have you added it? It may take some time to show up.

Also, it will only show in-flight, next your IFC username. It won’t show up in the home screen or profile page.

Can you confirm that you can’t see it in-flight and you’re IFC profile is linked?

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Affirm sir , its still not shown in flight and yeah sir my IFC profile is linked already

If you have recently added to your profile, then i would suggest you to wait for 30 mins or so to show up on Infinite Flight! It takes time to reflect it on Infinite Flight. 😊

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Done sir !.. thank you so much

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