Virtual organisation

I just wanted to know what a virtual organisation Is and how I can join one and what it involves?

A virtual organization (VO) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses the Infinite Flight Simulator to model the real-world operations of an airline or group. Alternatively, the group may be an original one.

From IFVARB :)

Let’s say I wanted to sign up for a big airline like virgin Atlantic how would I do so?

Well, in most of the VAs, you have to submmit an application, take a written test and, if you pass, you can enter the VA. Some VAs will ask for a practical test.

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Where can I do this?

Normally, it would be on the VO’s IFC thread

Or you can go to the IFVARB website click the name of the VA ,and it will bring you up to their website and there should be a page on the VA/VO’s website to join the VA.

Do I just fly the va routes then if I become part of one like I just fly for instance qatar routes?

Depending on the VA/VO you join, you’d fly with them based on what they operate. For example with British Airways you’d fly short British Airways flights only and work your way up to the larger aircraft, and be able to fly ‘codeshares’ later on, which are shared routes between airlines.

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