Virtual Organisation in IFC - Ryanair Virtual?

Now, I wonder what made me think of this… 🤔 😂
So, I have noticed that when going to your profile > preferences > profile > virtual organisation(dropdown list), Ryanair Virtual is not there. Every other VA/VO is there - that I have found anyway. Other than really new VAs, like Vueling Virtual.
But FRVA was approved just over a month ago. Any ideas? Do they only update them every so often?

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Hey! Your best bet is to probably contact @moderators to see this addition added. Not sure if the VA selection for your profile database is linked to the IFVARBs website so I’d just message the mods and if it’s an IFVARB issue they’ll direct you to the right people to contact.

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Good idea, thanks!

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That list is very outdated. New VAs are added and removed on a regular basis and must be manually added. That functionality is still being worked on.


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