Virtual Joystick

Does anyone know if there are any development plans for the addition of a virtual joystick because tilt controls atrocious?

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We haven’t been informed of anyoneJoystick and development and I don’t think that they plan to add one anytime soon

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Firstly, if you’re having issues with your tilt controls, I’d suggest going into your Infinite Flight controls settings, or of course calibrating and double checking that everything is where it should be. Currently, no plans for an in-game joystick have been announced by developers. However, you can use a real joystick with Infinite Flight using Map Connect. Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a real joystick and you have a secondary device, you can use that as a yoke/joystick using Fly-By-Wire, a great app created by one of our moderators here, Tom. This is the more simple and practical method out of the above if you ask me, but it’s up to you. Hope this helps!


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