Virtual Flight Needs Beta Tester

Attention Pilots,Controllers, Developers and @The_Gaming_Guy,

Here at Virtual Flight we have been working hard for the past couple of months to bring you this;

Virtual Check is an app in development which provides accurate and real world checklists to make Infinite Flight a safer and more realistic place for everyone (who uses android ;) We have put a lot of hard work into this and as we find ourselves entering the final weeks of development we realised we may love our app but you may not. So we are calling upon a select few of you to join us and get early access to ,in our opinion, a great app. However, this role may not be for everyone so we have devised a little form for anyone and everyone to fill out. But please - DO NOT LIE

So here is the form:

and just remember

From Wren,

P.S. and for those who think this is all done on a template


Sorry if i missed this, but is it on IOS? Also the age old question, is it free?? :P

It will initially be on android and so far we are not sure on the price point but for the beta testing it will of course be free

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Yes, this is on android Adrien :)


I’ve applied but i only have apple. Assuming i cant do anything yet could i help with Beta when you bring it to iOS.


We will be bringing it to IOS if we get enough traction here and on the app so tell you friends

Does this have Auto NAV?

No, @zbelle we do not currently have support for AutoNAV.

Not auto nav but something similar may or may not be coming in the future

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How do you find out xp in last 90 days?

Oh sorry my bad ill change it later just type what you have atm

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Ok completed the form but i forgot to put on it that i can use an android phone to run the your app

Very good ill note that down

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Is it free right now?

Its not out right now thus why we need beta testers

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So right now this is just checklists? What is the Live Connect portion? Could you please explain in a little more detail?

Sorry but youll just have to wait and see wink wink

So you are going to make people download your app to find out what it does? I don’t think that’s how it usually works.

Heck, why not. I’ve got a few extra android devices I can sacrifice.

Right ok so were not finished yet. And that’s what a surprise is. We are in a shroud of mystery to EXCITE everyone. Its like in a movie saying the ending in the trailer and as you said[quote=“AR_AR, post:19, topic:67360”]
I don’t think that’s how it usually works.

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