Virtual Flight looking For Another Designer [CLOSED]

Hello forum,

My name is Wren and I am CFO and Chief Design Excecutive at Virtual Flight. Currently we’re working on two great and original projects and we’re looking for another hardworking individual to join the team.

As designer you will report to me [insert maniacal laugh here] and you’re main roles will be:

Designing the UI

Helping me on any of my projects

Beta Testing

Photo Editing

If you’re interested in a great JOB at a great company with payment in the near future please PM me. From there you will be whittled down and the final few will be interviewed by either myself or @The_Gaming_Guy.

See you soon,
Wren Jago


Is this a separate game from IF?

Yeas and no. They’re tools to be used in conjunction with infinite flight

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Kind of like liveflight and infinite pilots.

@R3FU3L how about it

Edit in the website, so people can submit applications.

It may not be working cause I submitted my application twice with no response.

Yeah the CEO is working on it

What exactly is this?

And app and website development company looking for another designer

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