Virtual flight delayed

As I sat infront of my gate at KLAX they announced that we could board. As we boarded the aircraft it started to take some time to get a move on. Then the pilot announced that the flight was delayed…


Server: Solo
Aircraft: Crj-700
Delta Airlines
Location: KLAX

Walked to the beautiful Delta Crj

Boarding the aircraft

Looking for my seat

Ahhhh, found it

Sitting down and making this topic for yall.

After a few minutes of waiting I asked one of the flight attendants if I could leave my seat to go to the bathroom. She said yes.

One of my friends work on ground and sent me this pic while they were loading the aircraft

Hope you liked it, still haven’t started pushback.


Very cool. Can’t wait to see if the A350 has a cabin so we can make more of these!


This is very unique nice man


That’s so cool.

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wow a picture of the bathroom amazing before i put toilet paper into the toilet then flush and the paper came down with it also love the others too
fresh CRJ

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Man, I love the creativity of these shots. It really stands out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a topic formatted like this before - nice job!

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I like these kind of topics! Nice to have a story to the photos

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Really cool! This is why I love the CRJ’s, we can take cool shots of the detailed interior!

Nice photos! I enjoyed the,

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Wow so cool that your friend is a ramp agent at LAX!

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