Virtual F1 Driver Flight Log: the luck landed on my side and off to Barca! [Day 2 out of a lot]

A lot of words

“Charles Leclerc takes pole position at the Miami Autodrome International Grand Prix 2022, pushing out Lando Norris by just 0.008 seconds!”
“Charles Leclerc put in a fantastic lap yesterday and is starting from pole position, pushing out Lando Norris, starting in 2nd”
“Its lights out and away we go for the Miami Grand Prix of 2022”
“Lando Norris makes the move on Charles Leclerc for first place in turn 8!”
“George Russell nearly takes out Lando Norris on the lap 2 start here”
“And it seems like Lando has missed his box box call and is going for another lap”
“Lando Norris now comes in pits for medium tires, he comes out 4th just behind Yuki Tsunoda”
“Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez in the pits, making the perfect chance for Lando Norris to climb back up into P1”
“And yellow flag between turns 5 and 7 as Valtteri Bottas crashes his AlphaTauri in the wall on the 10th lap”
“And we have the safety car out!”
Team radio: “and Lando beware we have the safety car out for Valtteri’s incident, keep the delta positive”
Team radio back: “Ouch”
Team radio: “Safety car ending, I repeat, safety car ending, you are leading the pack, so once you can, throttle to max, Strat A-15”
“The race has restarted on lap 13 and Lando Norris immediately gains a 1 second lead over Lewis Hamilton!”
“And whilst many speculated that Charles will be taking another win, this turned out super wrong as Lando has landed in P1 and sees the chequered flag not third, not second but first, maiden win for Lando Norris!”
“And he will be hugging up that trophy as he goes to sleep tonight”

The quotes I heard in the replay were absolutely amazing and well, as the commentators said, Lando has landed! Yes! I finally took first place! Do you remember what I said after my last race? “it is time to travel to Miami to hope for some better luck” and we got the better luck! Many errors were made here in this race, however, that did not stop me from winning the Miami Grand Prix, making this my first win and second podium in my F1 22 career! Most importantly, same track, same weekend, just 2 years apart, that the IRL Lando and virtual Lando took their maiden win! Absolutely astonishing performance from me that race. And I very much think that missing my original pit stop lap was the right error, not even an error, a feature! Okay, enough celebrating from me, time to get on to the real flight details.

This time, we are traveling to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix!

Trip details:
Leg 1: Miami [KMIA/MIA] - Montreal [CYUL/YUL]
Travel type: COMMERCIAL
Flight time: 2h58min
Leg 2: Montreal [CYUL/YUL] - Barcelona [LEBL/BCN]
Travel type: COMMERCIAL
Flight time: 6h38min

Leg 1:

Taking 1st place in this track meant the world to me, hopefully my luck continues in Barcelona!

In the morning, I arrived to Gate J12 at Miami Concourse J, and now, I am departing to Montreal from gate J10, how nice is that!

Goodbye Miami! Will visit you again very soon! Was a pleasure staying here!

The North Atlantic ocean looks stunning and surprisingly calm.

Flying just past Burlington, what a beautiful looking city.

Welcome to Montreal!

Leg 2:

A boring 2 hour layover at Montreal, at least we ate something, but now its time to head to Spain! Unfortunately we were delayed by 2 hours due to a technical fault on the aircraft which was fixed eventually.

Flying Air Canada, again. This time on a 777!

Goodbye Montreal, will be visiting you again very soon!

oke, time to sleep

Woke up and hello to Spain!

Touchdown and welcome to Barcelona, here is the beautiful aircraft from the ground!

Thanks for tuning in today! Best of luck to me in the Spanish Grand Prix and hopefully we will be off to Monaco back home with a style and a golden trophy! Days 3 and 4 will be combined!

I have created a myFlightradar24 map for this log: snieggsvirtualf1trav | myFlightradar24
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