Virtual F1 Driver Flight Log: over to Miami! [Day 1 out of a lot]

Hello world! Its me again.

As I bought F1 22 recently, I have decided to travel between both privately and commercially within Infinite Flight! I came up with this idea last night after my Imola Grand Prix race. Currently, in my F1 22 career mode I am racing as my favourite driver - Lando Norris. Some sleepless nights await me as I fly 7-8h overnighters lol

Trip details:
Leg 1: Bologna [LIPE/BLQ] - London Gatwick [EGKK/LGW]
Travel type: PRIVATE
Flight time: 1h45min
Leg 2: London Heathrow [EGLL/LHR] - Bogota [SKBO/BOG]
Travel type: COMMERCIAL
Flight time: 9h57min
Please note that I didn’t fly this leg due to lack of time from my side
Leg 3: Bogota [SKBO/BOG] - Miami [KMIA/MIA]
Travel type: COMMERCIAL
Flight time: 3h22min

Leg 1:

After taking an awful 18th place in Imola, it was time to travel to Miami to hope for some better luck. I decided to travel with 8 other drivers to Miami. If anyone wants their names, I’ll happily provide them in the comments.

For those F1 geeks: Miami GP 2024 is the place where Lando Norris took his maiden win!

Probably the best photo I’ve taken to date! Itarrow 9003 that flew to Bologna yesterday (7/7/24) at around 1300Z please identify yourself here in the chat, because thats you!

The alps have never looked ugly.

Took a cheeky picture of the pilots flying the plane

Hello London Gatwick! Due to some bad winds the pilots floated the landing and was quite hard.

I love the Challenger 350.

Leg 2

Unfortunately no pictures since I didn’t fly this flight due to the fact that I had to go to the gym at 8am and didn’t come back home until 11am. Flight number: AV121

Leg 3

With a 1 hour layover, we bought some Maccies (sorry nutritionist, I ate my healthy food on the flight to Bogota 😝) and boarded our last flight of the trip to Miami.

You can’t hate how the A320 looks can you?

Goodbye Bogota!

Caribbean water slaps

Welcome to Miami!

Someone mysterious took a picture of my plane! (don’t mind the weird glitch on the right, not the first time this has happened)

Thanks for tuning in today! I will be back tomorrow with more photos, from my flights to Toronto and Barcelona, where the next Grand Prix awaits me!

I have also created a myFlightradar24 map for this log: snieggsvirtualf1trav | myFlightradar24
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Awesome shots and cool story @YT_Sniegutizzz!


Very nice @YT_Sniegutizzz! Hope you have fun! :)

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