Virtual F-22 Raptor Demo Team At Andrews AFB

Need shots that scream SEND IT? Look no further than what VRDT has cooking for you today.

Show On The Road

Compass Ghost

Safety Officer @DeltaMD88Fan On Duty

Laser Speed

Titanium Glint

Shots taken at this event:

Thanks for stopping by!

See more shots here!

Man, I haven’t done a topic here in a looong time! 😂


I may by learning to fly the F-22, but I’ll never be able to learn to edit like this. Incredible work Nate!


Great shots! I thought the first one was real lol

Yeah. Wanted to get the effect of a GoPro shot. 🤙🏻


What effect gives you the compass ghost shot? Great shots!

Used Snapseed and selective editing.


Hey there @Nate_Schneller. I think these shots are absolutely amazing. The first one looks super realistic.

However as per the #screenshots-and-videos rules you are not allowed to add things that are not in the sim. Sun glare is not in the sim yet.

Misha said in the rules of this category that no additional features may be added into the pictures that are not in the sim yet. Sim glare falls into this category.

I hope you have a great day and keep up the stunning pictures. I look forward to seeing more that do follow the category rules.

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It should be fine @Zhopkins, most people put lens flare on landing lights and it gets by fine.

I believe that rule is talking about major photoshops, like adding trees, clouds, building etc, lighting does not apply unless it’s extreme, lighting flares are extremely minor.

I didn’t make the rules though, so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Amazing shots @Nate_Schneller, I thought that first one was real, I had to stare at it for a couple seconds!

Yeah I know. I just thought I should put it out there that it’s against the rules. If someone flags my post and mods hide it that’s that. Everything is up to the mods.

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Lens Flares aren’t really part of the criteria for infraction. If I added clouds, that would be going over the top. In fact, I’ve managed to post topics several times that included lens flares. Just pushing what’s possible

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Alright. Like I said. If mods hide my post that’s that.