Virtual Cockpit Pan Deadzone/Center lock

So, I like to fly in the cockpit view… But unfortunately every so often, I blow up a crosswind landing by panning my view instead of hitting the rudder as intended. With that in mind, I respectfully submit a feature request if it’s possible for FDS to put a “deadzone” around the rudder area that won’t allow panning of the camera if the finger is within X space of the rudder controls on screen-perhaps it could be while below 500’ altitude going up/down. If pilots are focusing on their flare and go to kick out of a crab, it’d be very beneficial if they don’t pan the view down into the cockpit or off center so to speak.

Alternatively-perhaps the devs could perhaps lock the pan feature out while landing?

Either way I’ve had many a landing butchered by that and I decided to give this a shot.

I’ve attached a pic to show where it should likely go. I’m also wondering how many others have done this inadvertently during a takeoff/taxi/landing. Of course it’s most critical during the landing so you can see where you’re going of course!

Seems like a very must needed and wise feature


I’ve experienced this same issue and would be interested to see a fix come through. Good suggestion


Spare a vote there W?


Ask and ye shall receive


I am sick of this happens me a lot. Btw, I have no vote left… Good idea!


Well when you can free one up… I had to free one of mine up.

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Oh wait, I think I have one more. Oh yeah. Gonna vote!

Edit: Oh, since I am regular, I have more votes now.

Set it to never and you’ll never miss a crab again

Is that all? I suppose I’ll have to put it to 10 seconds then. I do a lot of screenshots so I have it set on 5 seconds.

I suppose this happened to you then?

Umm, He talking about the the swipe for the camera not Interface Timeout. Interface Timeout does not affect over the rudder slide where you swipe.


Thanks for the clarification Gabe-I didn’t think the time out was connected to camera swipe.

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Yes it did when I was recording a video

Well, if you don’t know where to put your finger it’s another problem but the way the interface is made, you shouldn’t have to look at it.
But since this feature won’t come anytime soon, set it to never.

See the above comment from @Gabe_Z clarifying that the interface and pan aren’t related. So this feature could be implemented.


I’m not a fan at all of locking the pan totally on landing, but a dead zone would be nice! :)


Nice idea! I had the same problem when putting the engines to idle on flare. So a dead zone around the throttle would be nice too :)

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Well read my comment

I’m explaining a temporary solution

I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. It’s why I hate landing in cockpit view. I almost want this more than anything.

But it’s not a solution-the camera will still pan regardless. See post 12