Virtual Charter

Does anyone know if there is a VA system for charters? I enjoy flying the smaller planes to smaller airports and keep a charter type schedule in my phone. Its something I would be interested in making more official and maybe bring a couple of extra pilots in on.

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In my personal experience, @FedExVirtual declares charters as a route you can fly that’s not on the routes database using coins and purchases in their Discord server. As for a system, I’m not sure. I would highly recommend contacting @Jason_M as he is the CEO of FDXV and could further explain it. I’m so sorry for the 10 day wait for a response.

Probably should’ve put this in #live:va

Air Canada VA has only just started a new system of charter flights using the A319. This is apparently in response to real world developments.

I have today flown my first charter route for ACVA, Halifax to Washington Dulles! A very nice flight I must say.

The rules are it must be using the Air Canada A319, and for now all flights must be within Canada, the USA or between the two.

So if anyone likes the idea of unlimited creative route possibilities within most of North America using an A319, then there’s no better VA to join!

I would check the IFVARB Database where you can search each VA based on what you’re looking for