Virtual Cathay Pacific Old Thread 1.0

Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Community Thread for Infinite Flight Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways(IFvCX)

Credit to: @Andy_Chan

Our History

The original idea for a new Cathay Pacific virtual started in April 2018. The goal is to replace the old CXVA which existed a while back but do not understand what people in Hong Kong prefers(Traditional Chinese as an example). The idea sprung into action in May 2018, with help from multiple people.

IFvCX is also a virtual airline that provides type rating certificate to pilots. This is fully based on how the real Cathay Pacific operations work. Every plane is different and our pilots must familiarize themselves with the system in order to maintain professionalism in the IF skies.

IFvCX is also the only airline to be sponsored by a local Infinite Flight Group. We are the official airline of the Infinite Flight Hong Kong group(IFHK) and we hope to represent Hong Kong well in the global stage.

There are also more things coming every single month that we have planned for our pilots.

Disclaimer : This information is true as July 1st 2018

Our Goal

To provide a friendly environment for Community members to interact while maintaining professionalism when they are flying.

Our vision statement: “To be one of the most professional Virtual Airline in the Infinite Flight Community”

Credits: Our Chief pilot Wm Ho

The Backbone

Every Virtual Airline has their own upper management team, this is no exception for IFvCX. I can guarantee you everyone in here loves Cathay Pacific and have a good standing here in the community.

The team will always be here if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about the airline.

Excecutive Team
Position IFC Username
CEO/Owner @the777fan
COO @George
Leadership Team
Position IFC Username
IFHK advisor @IFHK-PatrickLeung
Media Manager @Panther
Chief Pilot Wm Ho (*)
Head of ATC @Hezz
Head of Public Affairs @Matthew_Chan
(*) = Not part of the community yet


Every rank is earned by our pilots. This is also how the type rating system comes into play for all of our pilots.

Our Ranks

1. Cadet (0-2 hours)

  • Note: Once done training the pilot will have a choice of flying our Airbus or Boeing fleet. If a pilot wants to type transfer, you will have to complete the training and exams for that type.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cessna 172 (Training in Adelaide)

2. 2nd Officer (2-30 hours)

  • Note : Can only fly routes up to 4 hours.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cathay Dragon A320 [Generic] or Cathay Pacific 777-300 [Generic 77W]

3. Junior 1st Officer (30-80 hours)

  • Note : No route restriction.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cathay Dragon A321 or Cathay Pacific 747-400 + 2nd officer aircrafts

4. 1st Officer (80-125 hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : Cathay Dragon [Generic] A330-300 or Cathay Pacific A330-300, 777-300ER + Junior 1st officer aircrafts

5. Senior 1st Officer (125-200 hours)

  • Notes : Allowed to be an IFvCX controller

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

6. Captain (150-300 hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

7. Senior Captain (300+ hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

8. Training Captain

  • Notes : By promotion only

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

9. Chief Pilot

  • Notes : By promotion only

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

Note: Before every promotion there will be a short test to prove you are ready for the next ranks. For the first 80 hours there will also be type training to help you transition


Our fleet is based on the real world feet, some liveries are not in game yet so generic liveries will be here for now until they are released.

  1. Cathay Dragon
Aircraft Registration number
Airbus A320-200 (Generic)
Airbus A321-100 B-HTD
Airbus A330-300 (Generic)
  1. Cathay Pacific
Aircraft Registration number
Airbus A330-300
Aircraft Registration number
Boeing 747-400 B-HQW
Boeing 777-300 (777-300ER Generic)
Boeing 777-300ER B-KPO

Picture credit: Our IFHK advisor Patrick Leung


IFvCX’s website is built ready for every one of our pilot’s. We also have a crew center which you will get access to after passing the cadet program.



IFvCX will be using discord to communicate. At this point you might ask, wait didn’t the mods say discord is bad? Yes, we have looked at that issue closely and all our discord invites will be a single use invite after a pilot has been accepted into the virtual airline. We also took advantage of discord’s group call system, unlimited storage and the vast variety of bots to aid our pilots.

Want to know what discord provides?: Page Not Found | Discord

Why should you join

That’s honestly a good question and everyone will ask that why should we join you guys. Here are some reasons why:

  • Our training is highly realistic which follows the real Cathay Pacific cadet pilot path for our VA
  • We value professionalism and realism over everything, therefore everything must be simbrief generated
  • We are pioneers to having a type rating system
  • Expand your circle with people all around the globe!
  • Over 100 destinations worldwide
  • Pilot’s handbook after you passed training

How to join

At this point you will be saying. Wow! This airline looks really good and I want to be a part of it. No worries, we got you covered.

  1. Be at least 13 years old
  2. Complete at least 1 flight per month
  3. Own a legal copy of Infinite Flight Pro
  4. Use NO foul, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other foul remarks to anyone
  5. You must have a valid email address
  6. You must have a valid IFC or Facebook account
  7. You must comply with all rules

Pictures credit: Kevin Cheng of IFHK

Join the effort here:


This VA is the Official Virtual Airline for IFHK, all IFHK pilots will use IFHKvCX in their display name to show our connection.

(It’s just a parody of how a newspaper in Hong Kong describes Cathay, don’t worry this group is professional)


Contact us today if you want to partner with us!

thumbnail We are IFVARB approved

“Virtual Cathay Pacific, Connecting people with the world”


Infinite Flight Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways is in no way affiliated with Cathay Pacific Airways. We are just sim enthusiasts that love the airline in general and wants to create a slightly modified for Infinite Flight version of the airline. All logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with the IFvCX website, services, or brand belong to their respective owners. We have not been given direct permission by the airline for the use of their logos.
Infinite Flight Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways is in no way affiliated with Cathay Pacific Airways. We are just sim enthusiasts that love the airline in general and wants to create a slightly modified for Infinite Flight version of the airline. All logos, and copyrighted materials associated with the IFvCX website, post, or brand belong to their respective owners. We have not been given direct permission by the airline for the use of their logos.

Wonder how working for vCX will be like? Check out this video by the real Cathay Pacific


Looks great! Good luck!


Nice to see a new VA in the business! Good luck!


Please refrain from tagging us in content. It’s uncalled for and unwanted.

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Fixed. Sorry about that.

As far as I know, there is a Cathay livery of the A333 in IF.

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Yes there is, you’re right!

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Great looking VA! Best of luck from your neighbors down south in Singapore 😉

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Status Update | July 2nd, 2018

In the past 20 hours or so we have gained 15 pilots and have taken on a new staff member. Welcoming @Hezz as our new Head of ATC. Hezz has been around in IFATC for quite some time and he is also from Hong Kong. We believe his experience as a trainer of IFATC will best suit him for this role. @Matthew_Chan is now becoming our Head of Public Affairs. He will be in charge of all the recruitment and occaisonally status updates. We are also excited to announce that our first cadet @Koplical has passed his cadet training and became a qualified vCX pilot.

We have also joined the oneWorld Virtual Alliance! This opportunity allows us to open up more opportunities for members to explore around the world using British Airways, American, and Qantas aircraft.

What else are you waiting for? Join today!


Status Update | July 6th, 2018

There might be a delay in form responses right at this moment because the majority of the staff team are on summer vacation. If you do not receive a pm from the IFC. You either: 1. Didn’t put in your IFC username correctly or 2. We forgot about you completely. Please pm either myself, @the777fan or @George if you did not receive anything after 72 hours.

What’s coming next for us soon then you might ask?

  1. Improved routes, if you have looked on our route map a few days ago you will see some new codeshare routes running through the US and the European region. Estimated official release time: Sept 1st
  2. Training system revamp, after going through some trainees we altered the teaching style to better fit some of our trainees.
    One of our training sessions below:
  3. Trailer: We’re in the process of creating a trailer. Estimated release: August 1st
  4. Awards: Based on the statistics we see, we are trying to design some awards for our pilots which will be awarded whenever they achieve something. Estimated release: August 1st
  5. Events: Since the majority of staff are busy and have no time to host an event. Our recruitment event will be indefinitely delayed but it will happen some day. Estimated time: Late August

Let’s move on to this weeks statistics:

Flight time - Top 3

  1. Chief Pilot- Wm Ho with 159 hours and 32 minutes
  2. IFHK advisor- @IFHK-PatrickLeung with 75 hours and 29 minutes
  3. First Officer James Tam with 60 hours and 23 minutes

Flight count - Top 3

  1. Chief Pilot- Wm Ho with 29 flights
  2. First Officer Lawrence Cheung with 16 flights
  3. IFHK advisor Patrick with 15 flights

Trainees passed this week: 3

The management team is very pleased with the progress and the good start this week.

What are you waiting for? Join today!


Status Update | August 8th, 2018

They’re here! Pilots will be awarded different type of awards depending on what they achieve

Some screenshots of what they can acheiveIMG_3165

Just some followup from what is to come:

  1. Scedule bugs: Some people are reporting incomplete routes/updated routes which we will fix once the staff team are back from their vacation.
  2. Trailer: The trailer is in the progress of making.
  3. Event: Event is fully planned out which we will make it happen by the end of this month.

The staff team will like the apologize of the slight inactivity about application and cadet training program.

Activity should be fully restored by the end of this month.


Status Update | September 6th 2018

Our beta trailer made by our media manager @Panther is here! Inspired by the iPhone 8 announcement trailer, this is our result(for now).

We would like to announce our newest partnership with LATAM virtual airways led by @Flying_Ant. LATAM is a real world partner of Cathay Pacific and this partnership allows our pilot’s to fly into South America using LATAM aircraft.

Hello South America
Since we encourage pilot’s flying to more places, anyone who fly into South America using our career mode will be awarded 1.2x their hours for the fall season(Offer ends December 1st at 0000Z)

Vacant event manager spot
Because our recruitment event never happened when everyone in the staff team is busy, we have decided to go for an open recruitment strategy to make it happen.

Requirements for this job:

  • Active on IFC
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Event planning experience(Must have 1 event where more than 5 pilots showed up with proof)
  • Grade 3 or above
  • Must not be staff for another VA

If you are interested and meet all the requirements please pm @the777fan and we will do a secondary selection. We will not reply you if you do not meet all the requirements with no exceptions. Recruitment will close on 16th of September at 0000Z.

747-400 retirement
Our good old workhorse has served us for a long time and to further increase realism and saving fuel, we will be retiring the 747-400 and will be introducing a new aircraft into our fleet very soon.

What’s coming for us?

  1. More partnerships and finalization of our joining of the oneworld virtual alliance
    1a. Entering the routes into our crew center
  2. Events and collborations
  3. Refined awards and trailer

What else are you waiting for? Join the family today!

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Just a short update here:

Because of Typhoon Mangkhut, all flights for Virtual Cathay Pacific is cancelled until further notice through an internal note to simulate realism. All aircraft will be relocated to outer ports to minimize their damage during the typhoons.

Here is a picture of our first internal event: “Evacuating the planes”

Here at Virtual Cathay Pacific, we wish everyone that is affected by the typhoon to stay safe. Operations will resume when it’s safe.

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Ya’ll having fun in Hong Kong?


Just checked the IF weather of VHHH. Winds 140@35G55KT - 0 SM

CNN predicts winds over 120kts. Stay Safe Everyone!

Safety is always our first priority. So to minimize flooding and damage of our aircraft we have relocated all our aircraft on ground in Hong Kong to Taiwan and Xiamen.

And it’s glad to note all our pilots in Hong Kong are staying safe :)


Already applied, hope to be flying with you soon!

It’s been a while since the staff did the last update so here we go with this short one

  1. All applications are put on hold until a member of the staff team get their pro subscription
    1a. The staff team will also be looking over the training program to reflect on what some of our applicants are lacking
  2. We’re planning on a public contest to give our website and main post a fresh look for 2019
  3. Cathay Pacific Cargo: Since the phasing out of our beloved Queen of the skies, the staff team had been hoping for it to come back in the near future, and sure enough it will as a member of our cargo family, coming soon the VA.

All internal operations will continue as normal including pirep approval while we continue on planning the external operations.

vCX photo of the month:


Is something going to happen about the earthquake in Anchorage? Because all real life cathay fligths have been cancelled or delayed.

Let’s go with a more happy noted update:

  1. All Applications will be open and all applicants are expected for a pm within 24 hours, if you don’t receive it please send myself or @the777fan a message
    1a. Training program revamp: We will be inviting pilots to do a short flight with us instead of using pattern work to test their abilities to adapt more to a real life scenario and for them to get in tune with our program

  2. Oneworld: Since the relaunching of oneworld, Cathay Pacific Virtual is proud to be a founding member of this great alliance and we hope for a great partnership for all our VA’s.
    2a. Codeshares are still updating with the latest codeshares for oneworld alliance

  3. Lastly, the details for Cargo division has been finalized, we’re just waiting on one small aspect before the go ahead will be launched

Once again from the staff team, thank you for all your continued patience and we will be back in business.