Virtual Cathay Pacific Official Thread | Recruiting Pilots! | Major revamp

Not sure if they are heavily active. Havent seen any Cathay Virtual callsigns flying in a while. Something to look into of course

Yea that’s kinda true, cuz normally a recruiter should be in contact with you in 72 hours :(

@CapDUDE You saw this part right?

I just applied! Im so excited!

Same here, it’s been over 5 months and still no reply so I took part in the qantas virtual and I’m now a full time staff member!

@Faris_townsend, I got a response almost immediately when I applied as I had not failed the entrance exam, whereas you probably have.

Hey! Great thread and website, I just sent in an application, can’t wait to hear back.

Stay safe:)

Flagged this for closure, IFvCX have shut down.