Virtual Cathay Pacific Official Thread | Recruiting Pilots! | Major revamp

Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Community Thread for Infinite Flight Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways(IFvCX)

The original idea for a new Cathay Pacific virtual started in April 2018. The goal is to replace the old CXVA which existed a while back but do not understand what people in Hong Kong prefers(Traditional Chinese as an example). The idea sprung into action in May 2018, with help from multiple people.

IFvCX is also the first virtual airline to provide type rating certificate to pilots. This is fully based on how the real Cathay Pacific operations work. Every plane is different and our pilots must familiarize themselves with the system in order to maintain professionalism in the IF skies.

IFvCX is also one of the first airline to implement the full use of In Flight Operations for our pilots using the iOS operating system. Thanks, John.

IFvCX is also the only airline to be sponsored by a local Infinite Flight Group. We are the official airline of the Infinite Flight Hong Kong group(IFHK) and we hope to represent Hong Kong well in the global stage.

Disclaimer : This information is true as May 1st 2019

To provide a friendly environment for Community members to interact while maintaining professionalism when they are flying.

Our vision statement: “To be one of the most professional Virtual Airline in the Infinite Flight Community”

Credits: Our IFHK advisor Wm Ho

Every Virtual Airline has their own upper management team, this is no exception for IFvCX. I can guarantee you everyone in here loves Cathay Pacific and have a good standing here in the community.

The team will always be here if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about the airline.

Excecutive Team
Position IFC Username
CEO/Owner @Matthew_Chan
COO @IFHK-PatrickLeung
Leadership Team
Position IFC Username
IFHK advisor @WmHo
Media Manager @Panther
Chief Pilot @Tam_Chak_Wai_James
Training department Supervisor @Hezz
Route manager @George
Head of internal affairs @the777fan

Every rank is earned by our pilots. This is also how the type rating system comes into play for all of our pilots.
Our Ranks

1. Cadet (0-2 hours)

  • Note: Once done training the pilot will have a choice of flying our Airbus or Boeing fleet. If a pilot wants to type transfer, you will have to complete the training for that type.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cessna 172 or Boeing 777-300ER upon trainer’s discretion (Training in Adelaide or Hong Kong),

2. 2nd Officer (2-30 hours)

  • Note : Can only fly routes up to 4 hours.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cathay Dragon A320 [Generic] or Cathay Pacific 777-300 [Old livery 77W]

3. Junior 1st Officer (30-80 hours)

  • Note : No route restriction.

  • Eligible aircraft : Cathay Dragon A321 or Codeshare aircrafts + 2nd officer aircrafts

4. 1st Officer (80-125 hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : Cathay Dragon [Generic] A330-300 or Cathay Pacific A330-300, 777-300ER + Junior 1st officer aircrafts

5. Senior 1st Officer (125-200 hours)

  • Eligible aircrafts : All 1st officer aircrafts with the addition of Boeing 747-8F

6. Captain (150-300 hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

7. Senior Captain (300+ hours)

  • Notes : None

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

8. Training Captain

  • Notes : By promotion only

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

9. Chief Pilot

  • Notes : By promotion only

  • Eligible aircrafts : All Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific aircrafts

Note: Before every promotion there will be a short test to prove you are ready for the next ranks. For the first 80 hours there will also be type training to help you transition

Our fleet is based on the real world feet, some liveries are not in game yet so generic liveries will be here for now until they are released.
  1. Cathay Dragon
Aircraft Registration number
Airbus A320-200 (Generic)
Airbus A321-100 B-HTD
Airbus A330-300 (Generic)
  1. Cathay Pacific
Aircraft Registration number
Airbus A330-300 (Not given)
Aircraft Registration number
Boeing 747-8 (Generic, coming soon to our cargo division)
Boeing 777-300ER(New livery) B-KPM
Boeing 777-300ER B-KPO(Acting as Boeing 777-300)

Picture credit: Our COO Patrick Leung

IFvCX’s website is built ready for every one of our pilot’s. We also have a crew center which you will get access to after passing the cadet program.


IFvCX will be using discord to communicate. At this point you might ask, wait didn’t the mods say discord is bad? Yes, we have looked at that issue closely and all our discord invites will be a single use invite after a pilot has been accepted into the virtual airline. We also took advantage of discord’s group call system, unlimited storage and the vast variety of bots to aid our pilots.

Want to know what discord provides?:

That’s honestly a good question and everyone will ask that why should we join you guys. Here are some reasons why:
  • Our training is highly realistic which follows the real Cathay Pacific cadet pilot path for our VA
  • We value professionalism and realism over everything, therefore everything must be simbrief generated
  • We are the first to introduce a type rating system
  • Cargo division that works the same way as real world(Coming soon)
  • Expand your circle with people all around the globe!
  • Over 100 destinations worldwide
  • Pilot’s handbook after you passed training
  • Interview when a pilot applies so they get a personalized experience like real life

At this point you will be saying. Wow! This airline looks really good and I want to be a part of it. No worries, we got you covered.

  1. Be at least 13 years old
  2. Complete at least 1 flight per month
  3. Own a legal copy of Infinite Flight Pro
  4. Use NO foul, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other foul remarks to anyone
  5. You must have a valid email address
  6. You must have a valid IFC or Facebook account
  7. You must comply with all rules
  8. Have no more than 5 reports in the last year(12 months)

Picture credit: @Andy_Chan

Application form link:

(If you do not receive a reply about your application. There’s 3 reasons:

  1. You have failed the enterance exam
  2. You have failed to provide an IFC account and
  3. You did not provide a strong application for us to accept

It is your responsibility to do catchup on your application if you did not receive a response and come ready if you want a second screening.)

This VA is the Official Virtual Airline for IFHK, all IFHK pilots will use IFHKvCX in their display name to show our connection.

(It’s just a parody of how a newspaper in Hong Kong describes Cathay, don’t worry this group is professional)


Virtual Cathay Pacific is a part of one world alliance. We also represent the Asian connection in the alliance and allow our pilots to fly other routes from other airlines

Airline Partner:
Alaska Virtual

Alaska Virtual is our partnership in order to provide our pilots with new connections from their Anchorage, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles hubs on top of our partnership with American Virtual through oneworld alliance.


"Virtual Cathay Pacific, Connecting people with the world"


Infinite Flight Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways is in no way affiliated with Cathay Pacific Airways. We are just sim enthusiasts that love the airline in general and wants to create a slightly modified for Infinite Flight version of the airline. All logos, and copyrighted materials associated with the IFvCX website, post, or brand belong to their respective owners. We have not been given direct permission by the airline for the use of their logos.

Wonder how working for vCX will be like? Check out this video by the real Cathay Pacific

Lastly, our VA trailer, a quick short ad showing off our fleet.

Changelog from 1.0 to 2.0
  1. Staffing changes
  2. Training/Application changes with stricter rules
  3. Rank changes to reflect fleet changes
  4. Cargo division(Hoping for June completion)

Hey just a bit of history for you the people of hong kong are actually historically different from the rest of china they seem to prefer the imperial style of china. And hong kong is an independent state within china as well has/had their own currency within the state/city.(my information is about a year old give or take.)

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Congratulations from CAVA, wish IFvCX a bright future! >_^ 祝贺你们!


Special adminitrative regoin not independent state.

Quick note

If you do not receive a reply about your application. There’s 3 reasons:

  1. You have failed the enterance exam
  2. You have failed to provide an IFC account and
  3. You did not provide a strong application for us to accept

It is your responsibility to do catchup on your application if you did not receive a response and come ready if you want a second screening.

This will be effective June 21st 2019



The. Best. Airline. Ever.

As I’m also a Hongkonger, I’m definitely going to consider joining this VA!

Great Thread guyss,hoping to see all of you in the air

I don’t understand what you mean. However, Hong Kong is not an independent country. Hong Kong belongs to the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. The full name of Hong Kong is: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

How long does it take for you guys to review our applications I’m currently in australia but I want to be a part of this luxurious airline please respond and I will be happy to re apply or wait thank you sincerely yours

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I would say 2-3 weeks. That’s how long it took me to get in.

Fun fact: Cathay Pacific train their pilots in Adelaide, Australia. My cousin is there now, working in their training course.

Dm me, I’ll get you started

;) gotta be realistic

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When can I start?

Hey i used to be a Pilot in this Va and would love to join again. Not sure if id have to restart but im itching to to come back to fly the Cathay A359

Ready when you are :)

2 days before you posted this Matt clearly states to:

Yes i can see that and he now said i can not apply again until next year

Aloha! I just applied, and was wondering what rank unlocks the new A359?

Thanks, @Starz

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Thanks for asking. The A359 will be unlocked at the rank of first officer if you choose to stick with the airbus fleet.

Also check your dm’s I sent you a message about your application.


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Hey mat im really sorry about our messages i will retry my application next year but im just wondering will i be able to apply on the first or on the 14th of of January next year?
Best regards~Faris

How long does it take for people to enter this airline, I applied for like a week and they still haven’t contacted me. I provided a true account and strong reason for me to enter this VA. I wonder if the admins even received my application, I am not pushing. I just wonder whether how long the average waiting time is :D.

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