Virtual Blue VA URL

Good afternoon.

Virtual Blue has changed the URL of its site. We can now be found at:

Any applications or those that wish to apply to virtualblue, you are encouraged to use that link and look for the block that says, “Let’s Jet”.


  1. Do not REGISTER to the site.
  2. Submit your name and email in the Let’s Jet section.
  3. An entrance exam will be sent to you to complete.
  4. If you pass the entrance exam, you will then be given approval to register to the site.
  5. After registering, we will then activate your account and you can begin to start flying.

I tried to click on the website and when I did, something else popped up

Edit: All fixed now. Stunning website!

Now try it.

So…is this your thread now…?

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It was merely an announcement that the URL had changed.

Applied 10 days ago, to no response on IFC or email (checked spam folder too). When should I expect a response?


Go to and enter your email.

That’s what I did.

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Maybe if you be on your bestest best behavior it will appear in your inbox like magic! ;)


A JetBlue VA. KBOS is my home.

I submitted my email on the website. :)

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