Virtual Blue / VA Promotion Video / FSX

Even though this is FSX, this has to be one of the best virtual airline promotion videos I’ve ever seen!

Go jetBlue, that’s my home airline. ;)


As a Long Islander myself, I gotta love JBU!

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Flown on jB twice! One from NYC to Orlando, and one from NYC to Tampa Bay. :)

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Sorry but this isn’t Infinite Flight related. You get to post miscellaneous stuff like this in the Lounge when you gain Regular. If you have any further questions in how to earn Regular, PM a Moderator :)

Wow… Well there you go… Pc simming summed up in a 2 min vid.


Time to make one for yourself so it isn’t considered off topic! ;)

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Yeah lol it’s about time I make one

How is this related with IF?

More related to JBU than to IF

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For this topics you need to be regulare;)

Yea Patrick has mentioned it

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