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Virtual Blue has gone through a lot of changes over the past year, but we are, in fact still operating. As we migrate through this change we are still holding to our core principles of being the most realistic virtual airline on Infinite Flight. We take absolute pride in the entrance exam and credit Rosko, our former Chief Pilot for putting Virtual Blue on this path.

As a VA, we are committed to being the best at what we do. We don’t shortcut our flight planning and hold this to be the most important aspect to Virtual Blue. We hold each other accountable for the performance and professionalism in which we fly, regardless of situation. There is no shame to execute a missed approach or a go around if that means the safety of our passengers and landing safely.

Our core mission is to be the most realistic virtual airline on the Infinite Flight Platform and we will do everything we can to not fall short of that objective.

  • Chief Executive Officer - Gonzo
  • Chief Operations Officer - Aquila
  • Chief Admin Officer - Angel
  • Director of Virtual Blue Hubs - Vacant
  • Director of Testing - Vacant
  • Hub Managers
  • There are other vacant positions we are looking to fill. If you have experience in running another VA, and are not committed to running that VA, maybe a staff position at Virtual Blue is for you. You must fulfill your hours as part of the rank structure. It is expected that as a staff member, you are engaging in group flights, ensuring others are meeting their requirements, and following the Virtual Blue procedures.

    If a staff position is something that interests you, please reach out to Gonzo or Angel so we can interview you.

    Virtual Blue Is As Good As Its Newest Pilots

    Realism is not for everyone. We understand. Virtual Blue finds realism to be the easiest way to have fun while learning and understanding a little flight mechanics, procedures and practices as it comes to flying. Not one person on our staff or in our crew knows everything and we encourage a team learning and building environment in which all pilots work together to strive for a common goal. Regardless of rank and experience, when you see a jetBlue plane, from the VBVA, our goal is to ensure other pilots from other VA's cannot determine the experience level of our pilot.

    The process of learning to use charts and navigation tools is not something that happens overnight. We have a trial period in which every pilot as they start out must complete 10 hours and a check ride to show their understanding of Virtual Blue flight planning. Our check rides are meant to be difficult routes to show us the critical thinking of our pilots during the flight and plan for a smooth and violation free flight.

    There is an entrance exam. It is an evaluation to see commitment, interest, integrity, current knowledge and the ability to use resources. It is specifically designed around real world flight planning and will test your ability to think. Our entrance exam is well known, and there are variations of it.

    Minimum Age Requirement: 15 Years Old
    Must Be Level 3 And Fly On EXPERT

    International Codeshares

    Virtual Blue is a domestic virtual airline, and we rely on our codeshare partners to see the rest of the world. Even our partnership with a domestic competitor American Airlines, has opened up new routes for our customers and pilots to see more of the continental US, parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America.


    Our Codeshare partners are extremely valuable to us and we strive to maintain a great relationship with them. That means, we fly the Virtual Blue way while flying any codeshare route. This also means that codeshare pilots are not handed the keys to the codeshare ability right away.

    We have to protect the brand of Virtual Blue and nurture and mature any relationships we agree to with other airlines. Part of our agreement is to fly the JetBlue routes like we would fly them.

    Whether its a tropical vacation on either coast, jumping across the pond for some historical reverance, or visiting the majesty of the middle east, Virtual Blue has unique partners which provide unique locations for our pilots to work towards and enjoy.

    The list of our codeshare partners is long and distinguished:

  • American Airlines
  • Porter Air
  • El Al Virtual
  • Air China Virtual
  • Iceland Air
  • Iberia Air
  • South African Airlines
  • Hawaiin Air Lines
  • United Virtual

    We are open to other codeshares, and if you’re interested as an CEO of another virtual airline, please feel free to reach out on the IFVARB discord site so we can discuss a future endeavor.

    "Long Beach"

    In 2020 we said goodbye to Long Beach as a hub for VirtualBlue. The routes were limited and the money did not add up to staying at the off set airport to LAX. Thus VirtualBlue has added LAX as its West Coast hub. This has opened up west coast routes we did not have before like KLAX to MMUN.

    To be introduced at some point in 2021, we at Jet Blue Virtual, are excited to have a new livery. While 2 have been teased, the thought of having something different than the blueberry is a welcome for our virtual airline and the infinite flight community. Jet Blue Virtual will be proud to host a Shantay Stay event when Infinite Flight releases the livery. We do hope that the Infinite Flight releases both liveries but Shantay is more than enough.

    The IF Fleet for JetBlue consists of 3 air frames.

  • Embraer 190
  • Airbus A320-232
  • Airbus A321-100

    This table identifies the real fleet outside of Infinite Flight.


    The Airbus A220 is expected to replace the E190 which Virtual Blue uses for short haul flights such as JFK to Syracuse or Boston.

    The A320-232 is the workhorse of Virtual Blue. Of the current route schedule, the A320 operates nearly 65-70% of the routes

    In IF, the Airbus 321 is capable of making the journey across the Atlantic, and we hope, once the routes are final, the Trans Atlantic routes will open up for us as part of our route schedule.

    Our fleet variance are limited but it’s why we value our codeshare partners which provide Virtual Blue an expansion into the various fleet options to see the world. We are strict on our entrance qualifications, because not every person on Infinite Flight can maintain the professional standards that are expected of Virtual Blue.

    We believe that flying as realistic as possible is where our fun lies. In some perspective, it might seem overkill, but if you’re on Infinite Flight, and you consistently fly on the Expert server, with little violation, why not fly with a virtual airline that will challenge your IF skills to the extent like no other Virtual Airline.

    Some of the latest development improvements like STAR, SID and approach selectors were indirectly from the push which Virtual Blue has used for at least 2 years prior to the implementation.

    Virtual Blue is one of the leading Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight for the mere purpose of bringing realism to the platform. We are accepting new applications and we encourage you to apply. Our entrance exam is difficult but if you take your time and read the questions, the exam will expose you to the realistic Virtual Airline we are.

    You can find our website at the top of this thread and you can apply to Virtual Blue if you’re ready to take your flying experience to that next level.



    Amazing thread ! Good luck guys ! :)

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    Fantastic thread :)

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    Nice thread yall! i will apply

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    Amazing and colored thread guys !
    Just a little point, for me the website doesn’t work, did you know about this issues ?


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    Website isn’t working for me either

    its up. Do you have the right url?

    could just be something on my end

    Awesome thread, looks really nice with the design! 😄

    Now is working for me, but can’t join…

    Go to the top and select Join. or go to VirtualBlue Infinite Flight

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    But did you’ve do the vaBase update ?

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    Nice thread

    Nice thread! But how did you guys codeshare with Lufthansa when that would be Nonstop Virtual because Lufthansa is copyrighted


    Lufthansa used to be a codeshare with Jet Blue so that might have been a left over.

    The link is not working because it must be http://, you have https://. The link that should be in there is

    Same thing here.

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    UPDATE - The site was not under any duress, I just coded the link wrong in the thread. Its fixed now, but you can right click on it, and open link in new tab.

    Thanks - Gonzo


    I keep getting that too.

    Ok, So, finally added in the apply button and fixed the URL on the bottom of the thread. We are recruiting and we are looking for pilots who are eager to fly with Virtual Blue and be a part of a realism adventure across the globe. Go to the top of the page and use the Apply link which will bring you to the application part of the site.

    We will send you the entrance exam once you have done so.

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